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Lips and associated Surgery


          “Lips” is a sex symbol that can be visible. Sexy lips can convey vast emotions, such as erotic, bright, or attractive. The beautiful lips must be pinkish, fuller, moist, and plump. We have to understand the parts of the upper lip and lower lip for consulting and creating the new shape, as a picture 1 


Anatomy of the Lips

Picture 1. Shows the parts of the lips.


           “Lip surgery” is an aesthetic surgical procedure to improve the shape and proportionate to balance facial appearance.  Popular lip surgery includes reducing the volume of a lip, lifting a droopy lip, and adjusting the lip shapes such as a horn chestnut- shaped lip, a cupid bow shape, etc. Make a more attractive and youthful appearance. However, lips will relate to a beautiful smile. Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, we offer many methods of lip surgery and perioral surgery as follows;

  • Lips Reduction
  • Horn Chestnut- shaped lip,
  • Upper Lip Lift     
  • Cupid Bow Lip Enhancement
  • Philtrum enhancement
  • Lips Enhancement
  • Corner Lip Lift 
  • Dimples Surgery


1. Lip Reduction

          Lip reduction is a surgical procedure that enhances the facial appearance by reducing the volume of upper, lower, or both lips by absorbable suture. The stitches will be gone 7-10 days. If it still has on the mouth, it can take it off.It is a permanent result. As a picture 2

The operation time takes less than one hour by local anesthesia.  

แสดง ตำแหน่งแผลศัลยกรรมปากบางแสดง ตำแหน่งแผลศัลยกรรมปากบาง

Picture 2. Shows the incision line and the result of lip reduction.


2. Lip surgery with Horn chestnut-shaped lip

          Horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery is a plastic procedure to create the upper lip like a chestnut-shaped. The upper lip is performed the side curve upward, and the central part is curving downward like a bow. The upper lip always looks reveal a bit to show incisor.  The horn chestnut- shaped lip depends on the original shape and size of the upper lip and facial proportion. As the picture 3


Picture 3. Shows the incision of Horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery and result.


3. Lip surgery by Upper Lip Lift     

          The upper lip lift is a surgical procedure for shortening the extended lip of aging. This procedure shortens the space between the nose and the top of the mouth, call the “ philtrum." Usually, it is around 12-15 mm long. This procedure increases the amount of pink tissue that is more visible, which approach to rejuvenating the aging mouth.

The techniques of lips lift,  Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, we offer three methods for lips lift include:

3.1. Upper lip lift with Sub Nasal Bullhorn technique, Incision scar will make hidden along the base of the nose where it is less visible. The incision makes the shape like a bullhorn. The upper lip is pulled up toward the nose as the picture 4

แสดงการศัลยกรรมยกริมฝีปากบน  แบบตัดหนังส่วนเกินบริเวณใต้ฐานจมูกแสดงการศัลยกรรมยกริมฝีปากบน  แบบตัดหนังส่วนเกินบริเวณใต้ฐานจมูก

Picture 4. Shows the upper lip lift with the Sub Nasal Bullhorn technique.


3.2  Upper lip lift with a direct lip, the incision is above upper lip lift, close to vermillion of an upper lip. The excess skin can reduce to make a balance of facial proportion. This benefit of this technique is more shorten of long lip aging month than the other but can visible scar  


ภาพแสดงการศัลยกรรม ยกริมฝีปากบน แผลอยู่ที่ขอบปากภาพแสดงการศัลยกรรม ยกริมฝีปากบน แผลอยู่ที่ขอบปาก

Picture 5. Shows Upper lip lift incision with direct lip technique.


4. Lip surgery by Cupid Bow Lip Enhancement

            The Cupid bow is a facial feature where the double curve or M shaped of the human upper lip like the bow of Cupid. Cupid bow lip enhancement is a surgical procedure to prominent the Cupid bow by filler injection or augmentation with the Acellular dermal matrix. The surgeon will mark 4 points, as picture 6, and then inserts the material pass through the border of the upper lip, both sides.


แสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมริมฝีปากบน  แผลอยู่ที่ขอบริมฝีปากบนแสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมริมฝีปากบน  แผลอยู่ที่ขอบริมฝีปากบน

Picture 6. Shows Cupid bow lip enhancement by Acellular dermal matrix augmentation


5. Lip surgery by Philtrum enhancement

            Philtrum is a narrow groove between the nose and upper lip; Philtrum enhancement is a surgical procedure to improve the prominent of Philtrum. Make the upper lip has more dimensional. There are two methods for Philtrum enhancement as follows;

5.1 Philtrum enhancement with V-shave scar, the surgeon makes the incision like V shape 2-3 mm wide, near the center base of a nose, and remove the skin out. Then stitches. This procedure will make a more prominent Philtrum. As picture 7  

แสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมสันกลางจมูก แบบกรีดแผลบริเวณฐานจมูกด้านในแสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมสันกลางจมูก แบบกรีดแผลบริเวณฐานจมูกด้านใน

Picture 7. Shows Phitrum enhancement  with V-shave scar


5.2 Phitrum enhancement with augmentation, The surgeon will make the 4 points to insert the Acellular dermal matrix pass through the philtrum both sides and then sutures as picture 8.

แสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมสันกลางจมูก  แบบเสริมแนวสันร่องปากด้วยเนื้อเยื่อแสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมสันกลางจมูก  แบบเสริมแนวสันร่องปากด้วยเนื้อเยื่อ

Picture 8. Shows Philtrum enhancement with augmentation


6. Lip surgery by Lips Enhancement

            Lip enhancement is a cosmetic surgical procedure to adjust the shape of upper or lower or both lips to more volume, fuller, and proportionate facial features. There are many methods of lip enhancement are as follows;

6.1 Lip Enhancement by Autologous Cellular Regeneration ( PRP) Due to aging face, you will loose lips and perioral volume, The use of platelet-rich plasma ( PRP) is one of the most advanced procedures to improve in muscle tissue vascularity and neuronal regeneration. It can increase a volume in the lips. This is a minimal invasive lips rejuvenation procedure that uses PRP inject three times within three months. The result can be visible up to 3 months.


6.2 Lips Enhancement by filler injection that is a widespread technique, non- surgical method. The acceptable filler includes Hyaluronic acid. Usually, the injected filler is not permanent, around 6-12 months will be gone as a picture 9


Picture 9. Shows Lips Enhancement by filler injection


Advantage: It is natural, non-surgery, visible results immediately.

Disadvantage: have to inject repeatedly.  It wastes time and money,  has the opportunity to be allergic to Hyaluronic acid 


6.3  Lips Enhancement by the Acellular dermal matrix; this procedure is simplified for lip augmentation to increase lip volume to a fuller. Acellular dermal matrix is a soft connective tissue graft generated by a decellularization process that preserves the intact extracellular skin matrix. This procedure provides under local anesthesia. The incision scar will show 2 points, and insert pass-through across the lip, as the picture 10, then sutures only the ends. The result can keep in shape for more than five years.

ภาพแสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมริมฝีปากด้วยแผ่นเนื้อเยื่อ (Acellular dermal matrix)ภาพแสดงการผ่าตัดเสริมริมฝีปากด้วยแผ่นเนื้อเยื่อ (Acellular dermal matrix)

Picture 10. Shows Lip surgery by augmentation with the Acellular dermal matrix


6.4 Lips Enhancement by Fat Graft, the fat is sucked from the body, such as the abdomen, under the arm. The fat is extracted to keep only the nano fat, bring to the syringe, then inject into the lip, making lip fuller. As a picture 11


Advantage: The fat comes from their tissue.

Disadvantage: Some fat that injected may disappear, the lip shape may be unbalanced. It will insert 1-2 times to get a stable form. 



Picture 11. Shows Lips Enhancement by Fat Graft


7.  Lip surgery by Corner Lip Lift

             The corner lip lift is a plastic procedure to improve the downturned lip corners that come from the aging mouth to be brightness. The aging lips can develop an unhappy or even bitter appearance that cannot treat with a facelift. The incision is small at both sides of the Vermillion border lateral to commissure and fixes the muscle. The excess skin will be reduced as the picture 12.   

ภาพแสดงการผ่าตัด แก้ไขมุมปากตก หรือปากคว่ำภาพแสดงการผ่าตัด แก้ไขมุมปากตก หรือปากคว่ำ

Picture 12. Shows the incisions and results of Lip surgery by Corner Lip Lift


8.  Dimples Surgery,

             a dimple in the indentations that occur when some people smile, is most often located on the bottoms of the cheeks. The surgeon makes a hole to create a space for future dimple that locate on the nasolabial fold. This procedure performs under local anesthesia. A suture from one side of cheek muscle to the other, the stitching is tied to set the dimple permanently in place. As a picture 13


Picture 13. Shows the incision and result of a dimples surgery


Postoperative care for dimples surgery

  1. Keep clean the in oral wounds by drinking water or liquid food on the first day after surgery. From then, have soft food and often use mouth wash to prevent infection at least two weeks after surgery
  2. After surgery, three days can use a toothbrush
  3. Avoid sticky food, keep silent around 2-4 weeks to prevent loose stitches


A good candidate for Lip Surgery

  • A person who unsatisfied with the lip appearance
  • Healthy, stop smoking before surgery at least one week
  • Realistic expectation


Postoperative care for Lip reshaping

  • Apply ice pack on the lips within 24 hours, to reduce pain and swelling
  • Elevate your head a few days to decrease swelling
  • After surgery, one week takes stitches off if using an absorbable suture, you should follow up two weeks after surgery to check the stitching
  • Keep your lips moisturized
  • Keep clean incision
  • Use a small toothbrush and brush carefully
  • Follow all postoperative instructions and attend all postoperative appointments


Risk and complications for lip reshaping

Lip is a sensitive area, after surgery will have some difficulties include:

  • Wound redness
  • swelling
  • Pain within a few days
  • Numbness
  • Bruising
  • Hematoma
  • Poor healing
  • Asymmetry

And another complication will be possible like bleeding, infection scarring, etc.


Recovery for Lip reshaping

            The days following the surgery, patients take pain medication and put an ice bag on the lips to decrease pain and swelling. The patient can usually return to work within a week of surgery. The best results will see at about two to three months after surgery.

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