Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction 
in Bangkok, Thailand

          Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the breast, including excess skin, fat, and breast glands. People with oversized breasts usually have discomfort symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, chronic rash under the breasts, difficulty fitting with clothing and bras, and poor self-image confidence. Breast reduction surgery will improve the physical and body image.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers 2 techniques for breast reduction as follows;

1. Breast reduction by Keyhole-scar

          The incision is around areolar and vertical down from the areolar to the breast crease. This technique is suitable for breast size is not too large. This advantage is a less scar than inverted T scar.


Picture 1. Breast reduction by Keyhole-scar

2. Breast Reduction Inverted T-scar 

          For patients with significantly large breasts, the surgeon will make an incision in the skin that takes the form of an inverted T-scar (Picture 2), remove the excess fat, and adjust the shape. The size is reduced to the patient's preference. This technique is available for very size, but  he scar is more visible than Keyhole – scar.


Picture 2. Breast Reduction Inverted T-scar

          The procedure takes approximately three to five hours, depending on the size of the breast. Patients and surgeons have to conclude what desired results would be before the process.

A good candidate for breast reduction surgery

  • You feel your breasts are too large
  • You have realistic expectations
  • Physical healthy
  • Don't smoke before and after two weeks.
  • You feel neck, shoulder, and back pain caused by the weight of your breasts.
  • You have shoulder indentations from bra straps.

Preparation for breast reduction surgery

  • Consult with the surgeon to your goals, lab test, and medical evaluation
  • Stop smoking at least two weeks before and after surgery
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements that may increase bleeding

Procedures for breast reduction

           The technique used to reduce the size of your breasts will be determined by individual conditions, the amount of mass breast reduction. The steps of the reduction procedures are as follows;

  1. Step of general anesthesia
  2. The incision for breast reduction is an inverted T scar.
  3. Removing breast mass and excess skin, and then reshape the breast make balance.
  4. Closing the incisions

 The post-operative care for a breast reduction

   The post-operative is similar to a breast lift, to minimize any post-operative discomfort after surgery can be done as follows;

  • You should wear a compression bra for extra support and positioning to prevent fluid accumulation, control swelling.
  • Sleeping with torso slightly elevated to control bruising and swelling
  • The dressing will be applied to the incisions until stitches off seven days after surgery.
  • Keep clean and dry the incision every day.
  • Take medicine for pain relief.
  • Take stitches off seven days after surgery.
  • You will need a follow-up for every appointment.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks.

Risk and complication for breast reduction

Any operation might be complications include

  • Keloid from the incision scar
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Soreness
  • Poor healing
  • Asymmetry
  • Infection, if you notice warmth and redness in your breast due to fever, you might have an infection, contact the surgeon as soon as possible
  • Decreased or lost sensation
  • Capsular contracture might need the second surgery
  • Risk from anesthesia

Recovery for Breast reduction surgery

          The recovery is similar to a breast lift, with minimal discomfort.  However, The length of the breast reduction by inverted T- scar may take 4-5 days. The discomfort symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling, and bruising. It may take several weeks or months to settle the final result, such as numbness tingling around the incision. During the breast lift recovery, patients should avoid moderate to strenuous exercise and heavy lifting at least six weeks.

Video: Testimonials of Breast Reduction

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Why is Kamol cosmetic hospital well-respected in the breast reduction surgical field?

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is well-respected in the field of breast reduction procedures due to its commitment to excellence and outstanding patient outcomes. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons who specialize in breast reduction surgery, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to deliver superior results.

Here are a few examples of why Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is well-respected in the field of breast reduction procedures:

  • Advanced Techniques and Technologies: Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is at the forefront of breast reduction surgery, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technologies to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. This includes the use of laser-assisted breast reduction, which can reduce recovery time and improve the precision of the surgery.
  • High Patient Satisfaction: Kamol Cosmetic Hospital places a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care throughout their journey. From the initial consultation to the post-surgery follow-up, patients are provided with the support and guidance they need to achieve their desired results.
  • Experienced and Skilled Surgeons: The surgeons at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital are highly skilled and experienced in the field of breast reduction surgery. They have a deep understanding of the procedure, and are able to customize the surgery to meet the unique needs of each patient.
  • Comprehensive Care: Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers a comprehensive care approach to breast reduction surgery. This includes pre-surgery evaluations, post-surgery follow-up, and ongoing support to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.
  • Reputation: Kamol Cosmetic Hospital has built a reputation for excellence in breast reduction surgery, and is well-regarded in the medical community for its exceptional care and dedication to patient satisfaction.

Overall, Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is a respected leader in the field of breast reduction procedures, offering patients the highest level of care and achieving outstanding results through the use of advanced techniques and technologies, led by a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons. The hospital's commitment to patient satisfaction and outstanding outcomes makes it a top choice for those considering breast reduction surgery.