Non Invasive Body Contouring

Non-invasive Body Contouring

          Our bodies change during different stages of our lives. It is not uncommon for some problem areas to resist diet and exercise.

          As you age, your body produces less collagen and stores more fat, eventually leading to wrinkles, cellulite, and other signs of aging.

Venus Legacy uses radiofrequency body contouring technology, which uses heat to boost collagen production and smooth out cellulite. It also naturally improves the look of sagging skin and diminishes facial and body wrinkles.

Procedure of Radio-frequency Body Contouring

          Radiofrequency body contouring treatments are comfortable. The level of heat and suction can easily be adjusted to suit you. The applicator will slowly get warmer until your skin reaches the needed temperature and stays within that range. This procedure can also be lowered if required. Each session takes 15-30 minutes. Most patients receive 6-8 treatments per area,  performed once a week.

A good candidate for Radiofrequency Body Contouring

          The best candidate is someone who has pockets of cellulite and excess body fat that they cant get rid of with diet and exercise alone and who doesnt want surgery. An ideal candidate is someone who is also starting to lose elasticity in their skin and showing early signs of sagging and wrinkles.

          For safety reasons, you may not be able to get this treatment if you have/are:

  • Active inflammation and infection in the treatment area
  • An Internal defibrillator/pacemaker

Preparation for Radio-frequency Body Contouring

          Hydration is an essential aspect of body contouring. Drink lots of water before and after treatment. It will help your treatment. Do not apply lotions, creams, or makeup before your procedure. Remove all jewelry around the area treated.

Post-procedure Care of Radio-frequency Body Contouring

          Following your treatment, you can resume your day as usual. Be sure to drink plenty of water and enjoy 30 minutes of exercise to speed up metabolism and aid lymphatic drainage.

Risks and Complications for Radio-frequency Body Contouring

          Risks and complications of Radio-frequency Body Contouring are included:

  1. Burning
  2. Infection
  3. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

 However, these are very rare under specialist care.

Recovery from Radio-frequency Body Contouring

          Radio-frequency Body Contouring is no downtime. The treatment area may look flushed and warm to the touch, but this will go away within 1-2 hours. You can return to your daily schedule immediately after your treatment.