Keloid removal

What is Keloid removal?

          Keloid removal is the treatment to make the keloid to be flattened, soften, or shrink. Keloids can be hard to get rid of the body. Sometimes they return after treatment. Most cases required using a combination of treatments for the best results. Different treatments work for different people, such as:

  1. Intralesional steroid injection
  2. Vascular and pigment laser therapy
  3. Surgical excision


Procedure of nonsurgical Keloid removal therapy

          The treatments include laser and medical injection, which are painless and can do under topical anesthesia. The laser time is approximately 15 mins. The laser treatment can be performed around 2-4 weeks apart for each session without any severe side effects depend on the skin condition with a medical injection every month. The patient should do laser at least six times for maximum results.


A good candidate for Keloid removal

          Every patient with keloid without any skin condition in that area is a good candidate for keloid removal.


Post-treatment care

          The preferred post-treatment care of the laser site consists of daily application of a bland ointment such as petrolatum to maintain skin moisture. Moisture promotes skin healing, and the application should continue until the site fully heal.

          Sunscreen and sun-protecting clothing should use to minimize the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Strict sun protection should continue for at least several weeks after treatment.


Risk and complications

          Crusting and scabbing are normal and typically persist for one to two weeks. Cold packs may help minimize discomfort after treatment. Other serious complications included

  • bleeding or bruising
  • skin hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation
  • scar

However, these conditions are sporadic.



          Crusting and scabbing are normal and typically persist for one to two weeks. Cold packs may help for minimizing discomfort after treatment. There will be a mild, ticklish sensation during the treatment, but this should not affect you or the procedure itself. Results will improve after each subsequent session, with the number of courses depending on the severity of keloid.


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