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Penile Peritoneum Vaginoplasty / PPV

The Penile Peritoneum Vaginoplasty commonly referred to as the PPV is the newest and most advanced technique in vaginoplasty gender affirmation surgery. The peritoneum is tissue that lines the abdomen and is the closest in function and texture to the actual lining of the vagina. The peritoneum tissue is elastic and self-lubricating, and has no smells nor odors associated with it. The PPV technique uses a small amount of penile inversion for the entrance of the vaginal entrance, combined with the peritoneum to create the neo vaginal canal. The procedure is preformed laparoscopically (small incisions, practically no visible scaring).

Although relatively new as a gender affirming surgery, the PPV technique has been successfully for decades for the treatment of MRKH syndrome, a congenital condition where girls are born without a vaginal canal.

The surgical team, led by Dr Kamol, are the world’s leading specialists in the PPV technique, and have preformed more than any other hospital. Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, making dreams a reality.


Advantages of Penile Peritoneal Vaginoplasty / PPV.

  1. This technique can be used as a primary or secondary neovagina reconstruction. This technique is beneficial for patients who have previously undergone sex reassignment surgery, penile inversion whose vaginas have developed a loss of depth and are unable to perform sexual intercourse or for those who want an “upgrade” to a more natal functional vagina with less maintenance.
  2. The vagina has a self-natural lubricant.
  3. The vagina is elastic.
  4. Hairless neo-vagina
  5. Fewer risks of intestinal dysfunction compared to the sigmoid colon vaginoplasty.
  6. Negligible scar due to the laparoscopic (keyhole) technique there are only 4 tiny, virtually undetectable scars from the keyhole surgery. They look like small freckles and fade after 12 months to be more or less invisible.
  7. Peritoneal pulled-through has been performed on cis-gender girls for over 40 years and is well understood.

Disadvantages and limitations Penile Peritoneal Vaginoplasty / PPV

  1. The patient may experience dyspepsia / indigestion symptoms 1-2 weeks after the surgery.
  2. The patient may have a temporally bowel habit change such as frequency of mucous defecation, constipation, or back pain (LAR-liked syndrome: low anterior resection-like syndrome) in a few weeks.
  3. This technique is not suitable for those who are overweight or have fatty abdomen as Internal fat can cover the peritoneum making surgery very difficult.
  4. In a circumcised or very short penile skin individual, the surgeon may use the hairless scrotal skin for the vaginal entrance reconstruction. Therefore, the patient may need scrotal laser hair removal for at least 6 months preoperatively or intraoperative electrolysis.
  5. Initial dilation can be painful for a few weeks due to over-sensitive of the peritoneum.
  6. If dilation isn’t maintained the vagina can quickly lose depth.
  7. Postoperative intraabdominal adhesion can be happen approximately 1-2%.
  8. Due to the new technique for transgender women and no long-term study, a candidate for surgery needs to accept all possibility of unlikely rare complications of this method.
  9. The patient needs hair removal around 5x6 cm at the base of the penis as in picture 1.
  10. In a complicated case the patient might have the possibility of conversion to sigmoid colon.


Area of the hair removal

Picture 1. Shows the area of the hair removal

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Why Kamol Cosmetic Hospital are world leaders in Penile Peritoneum Vaginoplasty SRS-PPV?                  

                     Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is a leading provider of gender confirmation surgery, known for achieving consistently excellent results. Our modern hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and techniques, including the advanced SRS-PPV method, which is performed by a specialist abdominal surgeon in collaboration with a plastic surgeon. This technique is not widely available as it requires a specialized skill set and may not be as profitable for other surgeons who prefer to use older, less effective methods.

                  Our surgeons are highly skilled and experienced. In particular, Dr. Kamol's technique for SRS involves hiding scars in the labia, resulting in a natural, cisgender appearance. With Dr. Kamol, you can choose the desired appearance of your vulva/vagina within reason. At Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, we are committed to providing the best care and results for our patients.

                  Penile inversion vaginoplasty is a technique that can be used to reconstruct a neovagina as a primary or secondary method. It is particularly beneficial for patients who have undergone sex reassignment surgery and have experienced a loss of depth in their vagina, or for those who want a more functional and low-maintenance vagina. This technique has several advantages, including a natural self-lubricating mechanism, fewer risks of intestinal dysfunction compared to using the sigmoid colon, and minimal scarring. We use a laparoscopic or keyhole surgery approach, which leaves only four small spots on the abdomen that are barely visible.

                  Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the gold standard in global healthcare, Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is a trusted destination for gender confirmation surgery.



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