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Cosmetic, Gender Affirming and Life Changing Surgery 


Welcome to the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. As one of the worlds leading cosmetic surgery hospitals, our commitment to our patients is second to none. Dr. Kamol Pansritum and his team of extremely talented of surgeons, doctors, and nurses are dedicated to providing the absolute finest in patient care and changing life for the better. By utilizing the most modern techniques, state of the art hospital, beautiful and comfortable recovery accommodation, the entire staff of the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is dedicated to and making dreams a reality.  


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Excellence in Aesthetic and Gender Confirmation Surgery


Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is one of the world’s leading centers for aesthetic and gender affirming surgery.  We never stop learning, improving, and creating new techniques for cosmetic surgery and gender reassignment. Our mission statement is clear: The Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, dedicated to providing the absolute best in cosmetic and gender affirming care. Compassion, expertise, innovation and inclusion, where dreams become reality. 

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La vita come un sogno

Natalie De Oliveira è una Ragazza fortunata, dopo aver completato la sua chirurgia, si è fidanzata con un medico italiano. La vita come un sogno

Lotta per la vita Ya Xin Shi

Lotta per la vita Ya Xin Shi una bellissima ragazza cinese, con la sua grande energia, lotta per il successo della sua vita. Nessuno la ferma. Per Saperne di più.

Poyd Treechada

Treechada "Poyd" Petcharat is Thailand's most famous transgender star. She is a talent actress. She is one of the most beautiful face.

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เซลลูไลท์เกิดจากอะไร ลดยังไงให้อยู่หมัด

เซลลูไลท์ ผิวเปลือกส้ม ปัญหาไขมันส่วนเกินตัวการทำลายความมั่นใจ จัดการปัญหานี้ให้อยู่หมัดได้ด้วยเคล็ด(ไม่)ลับ อ่านเลย!

หน้าอกไม่เท่ากัน เกิดจากอะไร แก้ไขอย่างไรได้ผลดีที่สุด

ตอบให้ชัดเจน ทุกประเด็นคาใจ หน้าอกไม่เท่ากัน เกิดจากสาเหตุอะไร และวิธีแก้ไขอย่างไร เพื่อเรียกความมั่นใจ ให้กลับมาได้อีกครั้ง อ่านเลย!

เช็กด่วน! เสริมจมูกแล้ว ซิลิโคนลอยเกิดจากอะไร อันตรายไหม

ซิลิโคนจมูกลอย หลังเสริมจมูกเกิดจากสาเหตุใด ป้องกันอย่างไรดี ให้จมูกหลังศัลยกรรมสวยละมุนเป็นธรรมชาติ ไม่เสี่ยงแก้ซ้ำ!

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Grand Openning Full Hair by DHT Clinic @ Kamol Hospital

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital joins forces with DHT Hair Clinic to launch “Full Hair BY DHT Clinic” reinforcing its leadership in hair transplantation.

Transgender Breast Surgery Male to Female

Getting the overall outlook with the highest standard of care involved in every ...

Steps of MTF Transformation Surgery

Gender identity disorder will be treated by sex reassignment surgery to create a new gender is matches with their mind.


COCo Araya una famosa “bella regina”.

Ha una Bellissima forma della fronte Che rende il suo viso più Attraente. L’aumento della Fronte può aiutare.

Una bella youtuber Rinrada “Yoshi”

famosa thai youtuber È stata una ragazza di successo sin da piccola. Ha 1.400,000 followers.

Youtuber Giapponese

Churuchan, una youtuber Giapponese, con un impressionante numero di follower tra i 500,000 ed i 600,000 sui social media.



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Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the gold standard in global healthcare. We have been recognized as a leader in aesthetic, cosmetic, and gender affirming care by many of the world’s foremost healthcare monitoring organizations.