Non Invasive face and neck

          Sagging skin is caused by age. It can be very easily observed from the chin line and neck. Cheeks and chin start hanging. The eyelids start to sag. The laugh lines and grooves under the eyes begin to deepen.


Ways to lift the face and neck

Ways to lift the face and neck


1. Lifting face and neck with Botox injections (Nefertiti lifting)

Botox will inhibit the function of the muscles that pull the face to sagging, resulting in the opposite effect, which makes the face look more youthful, in shape and slender.

The advantages : See results 1 week after Botox injection. To lift the face and neck, the results will last for 4-6 months after the first injection. It is inexpensive.

The disadvantages : This treatment cannot stimulate the production of collagen in the skin layer.


2. Face lifting by injecting fillers (Dermal filler)

Injecting fillers in the hyaluronic acid group is considered highly safe and can help increase the volume of the skin, reduce deep groove problems and maintain youthfulness.

The advantages : Injection of filler only 1 time will have results immediately with no downtime and remain for 8-12 months.

The disadvantages : Needle marks from the injection may appear


3. Face lift with PDO (Thread lifting)

PDO (Polydioxanone) is often used by surgeons to sew blood vessels to the heart. Using this type of thread to treat wrinkles and sagging under the skin is therefore not harmful or irritating to the skin. After the thread is inserted under the skin, it will stimulate the contraction of collagen fibers under the skin and cause immediate lifting of the skin. After that, it will gradually stimulate the production of collagen around itself, causing the effect of lifting and reducing wrinkles more clearly, after one month.

The advantages : The thread will dissolve within 6-8 months, making no residue, and the lifting effect remains for about 1 year.

The disadvantages : This may cause a slight swelling and bruising around the thread area.


4.Tightening laser

Laser helps stimulating collagen not only to decrease wrinkles, but also large facial pores and sagging skin. Laser can be done without local anesthesia and it doesn’t cost too much compared with other treatment.

The advantages : Laser can be done without local anesthesia and it doesn’t cost too much compared with other treatment.

The disadvantages : The results, persist for only a week to a month depend on the patient’s skin, require Follow-UP treatments.

Recommended for teenages and young adults with mildly sagging skin.


5.Radio frequency

This technique uses radio-frequency energy to stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce loose skin and wrinkles.

The advantages: You only feels warm without pain. The procedure can be started without local anesthesia and the patients can have a normal daily routines immediately after the treatment.

The disadvantages: The results remains only a week to a month depends on your skin. Recommended for Follow-Up treatment for the better results.


6.High Intensity Focused Ultrasound : HIFU

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) sends ultrasound-frequency energy through SMAS muscle layer specifically, deeper than subdermal collagen layer.

The advantages : You’ll see the result just after 1 treatment, then it’ll become better in 3 months. The results remains for 1-2 years

The disadvantages : High-priced. Recommended for forehead lift.

Compared with Thermage, HIFU gives you more deeper treatment layer.


U–one HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound)

U-one HIFU is the procedure uses high-frequency energy for face lift, making V-shape or slender face, that can remains the results for 1 year.


How U-one HIFU works

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a new technology using ultrasound-frequncy energy to specific skin areas for making face lift, fixing your ptosis and reducing your sagging skin or wrinkles. 10-20% of results will be seen after treatment, then it’ll become 100% in 1-3 months and remain for 1-2 years. The procedure can be repeated every 3-4 month. You may feel mild pain around treatment areas which can cured by analgesic drug.


Recommended for

  • Who wants to have a V-shape face
  • Who have a sagging skin, drooping eyelids, deep grooves and wrinkles
  • Who needs a short recovery time
  • Who don’t want to have a surgery



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