Lip Surgery

Lips and Associated Surgery

Lips are one of the most defining characteristics of female attractiveness and beauty. Beautiful female lips are full, moist and plump.



Picture 1. Shows the parts of the lips.

           Popular lip surgeries include increasing or reducing the volume of a lip, lifting a droopy lip and adjusting the lip shapes in order to create a more attractive and youthful appearance. At Kamol Cosmetic Hospital we offer numerous methods of lip surgery and perioral surgery as follows:

  • Lips Reduction
  • Increasing lip volume
  • Horn Chestnut- shaped lip
  • Upper Lip Lift     
  • Cupid Bow Lip Enhancement
  • Philtrum enhancement
  • Lips Enhancement
  • Corner Lip Lift 
  • Dimples Surgery

1. Lip Reduction

          Lip reduction is a surgical procedure that enhances the facial appearance by reducing the volume of upper, lower or both lips. The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures (stitches) that dissolve after 7-10 days. See picture 2.

         The operation time takes less than one hour and is performed under local anesthesia.  


Picture 2. Shows the incision line and the result of lip reduction.

2. Lip surgery with Horn chestnut-shaped lip

          Horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery is a surgical procedure to make the upper lip chestnut-shaped. The upper lip is made to curve upwards whilst the central part curves downward like a bow. The upper lips will reveal the teeth which is a very youthful attractive look. Whether the horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery can be performed depends on the original shape and size of the upper lip and facial proportions. See picture 3.


Picture 3. Shows the incision of Horn chestnut-shaped lips surgery and result.

3. Lip surgery by Upper Lip Lift     

          The upper lip lift is a surgical procedure that shortens the philtrum (space between the nose and the top of the mouth) This often gets longer with age. This procedure turns the lip upwards, increasing the visible part of the upper lip and reducing the length between the nose and the top lip. The result is a much more youthful and attractive look.

          At Kamol Cosmetic Hospital we offer three methods for lip lifts as follows:

3.1. Upper lip lift with Sub Nasal Bullhorn technique, An incision scar will be made along the base of the nose where it is less visible. The incision is shaped like a bullhorn. The upper lip is pulled up toward the nose as in picture 4.


Picture 4. Shows the upper lip lift with the Sub Nasal Bullhorn technique.

3.2  Upper lip lift with a direct lip. The incision is made above the upper lip and the lip is remodelled to the desired lool. The excess skin is then removed. The benefit of this technique is that it shorterns long aging drooping lips but the downside is that it leaves a faint scar. 


Picture 5. Shows Upper lip lift incision with direct lip technique.

4. Lip surgery by Cupid Bow Lip Enhancement

            The Cupid bow is where there is the double curve or M shape of the upper lip like the bow of Cupid. Cupid bow lip enhancement is a surgical procedure to increase the prominence of the Cupids bow with the use of filler injection or augmentation with the Acellular dermal matrix. The surgeon will mark 4 points (as in picture 6) they then insert the material through the border of the upper lip on both sides.


Picture 6. Shows Cupid bow lip enhancement by Acellular dermal matrix augmentation

5. Lip surgery by Philtrum enhancement

            The philtrum is a narrow groove between the nose and upper lip. Philtrum enhancement is a surgical procedure to improve the prominence of Philtrum making the upper lip more projected and beautiful. There are two methods for Philtrum enhancement as follows:

5.1 Philtrum enhancement with V-shave scar. The surgeon makes a 2-3 mm V shape incision at the base of a nose and removes the spare skin. This procedure will create a more prominent Philtrum. See picture 7.  


Picture 7. Shows Phitrum enhancement  with V-shave scar

5.2 Phitrum enhancement with augmentation, The surgeon makes 4 points and inserts the Acellular dermal matrix through both sides of the philtrum and then sutures as in picture 8.


Picture 8. Shows Philtrum enhancement with augmentation

6. Lip surgery by Lips Enhancement

            Lip enhancement is a surgical procedure to adjust the shape of the upper, lower, or both lips to add more volume which adds significant beauty to a face. There are many methods of lip enhancement as follows:

6.1 Lip Enhancement by Autologous Cellular Regeneration (PRP) Lips lose perioral volume as we age. The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is one of the most advanced procedures to improve muscle tissue vascularity and neuronal regeneration which increases the volume of the lips. This procedure is a minimally invasive lip rejuvenation procedure that uses PRP injections three times within three months. The result can be visible for up to 3 months.

6.2 Lips Enhancement by filler injection. This is the most popular non-surgical method and has been the standard non-permanent treatment for many years. The filler usually includes Hyaluronic acid and lasts around 6-12 months.


Picture 9. Shows Lips Enhancement by filler injection

Advantage: Non-surgical with immediately visible results.

Disadvantage: Non-permanent. Repeated injections are needed wasting time and money.  Possibility of allergy to Hyaluronic acid. 

6.3  Lips Enhancement by the Acellular dermal matrix: This uses the patient's own skin to create fuller lips. Acellular dermal matrix is a soft connective tissue graft generated by a decellularization process that preserves the extracellular skin matrix intact. In simplified terms, this procedure passes a piece of your skin that has been specially prepared through the lip. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The incision scar is on either side of the lip at 2 points and the skin matrix is passed through the lip. See picture 10. 


Picture 10. Shows Lip surgery by augmentation with the Acellular dermal matrix

6.4 Lips Enhancement by Fat Graft. Fat is sucked from the body in an area such as the abdomen or under the arm. The fat is extracted to only keep only the nano fat. This is then injected into the lips making them fuller. See picture 11.

Advantage: The fat comes from your own tissue so it can’t be rejected or cause an allergic reaction.

Disadvantage: Some fat that is injected may disappear, and the lip shape may be unbalanced. It will need to be repeated 1-2 times to become stable. 


Picture 11. Shows Lips Enhancement by Fat Graft

7.  Lip surgery by Corner Lip Lift

             The corner lip lift is a plastic procedure to improve the downturned lip corners that develop with age. The aging lips can develop an unhappy or even bitter appearance that cannot be treated with a facelift. A small incision is made at both sides of the Vermillion border and excess skin will be removed. See picture 12.  


Picture 12. Shows the incisions and results of Lip surgery by Corner Lip Lift

8.  Dimples Surgery

             Dimples are the indentations that occur when some people smile. They are most often located on the bottom of the cheeks. A suture from one side of the cheek muscle to the other is made and the stitching is tied to set the dimple permanently in place. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. See picture 13.


Picture 13. Shows the incision and result of a dimples surgery

Post-Operative care for Dimples Surgery

  1. Keep the oral wounds clean by drinking lots of water and using mouthwash for at least two weeks after surgery to prevent infection.
  2. Wait 3 days after surgery before using a toothbrush.
  3. Avoid sticky food.
  4. Try to talk as little as possible for 2-4 weeks to help prevent loose stitches.

A good candidate for Lip Surgery

  • Someone who is unsatisfied with their lips.
  • Someone healthy. The patient must stop smoking at least one week before the surgery.
  • Someone with realistic expectations.

Post-Operative Care for Lip Reshaping

  • Apply ice pack on the lips within 24 hours to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Elevate your head a few days to decrease swelling.
  • Keep your lips moisturized.
  • Keep incisions clean.
  • Use a small toothbrush and brush carefully.
  • Follow all postoperative instructions and attend all postoperative appointments.

Risk and Complications for Lip Reshaping

The lips are very sensitive. After surgery, you will likely have some minor side effects possibly including:

  • Wound redness
  • swelling
  • Pain for a few days
  • Numbness
  • Bruising
  • Hematoma
  • Poor healing
  • Asymmetry

Much rarer complications are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scaring

Recovery for Lip Reshaping

            In the following days after the surgery, patients will be given pain medication and given an ice pack to put on the lips to decrease pain and swelling. The patient can usually return to work within a week of surgery. The best results will be seen at about two to three months after surgery.

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Kamol Cosmetic Hospital: The perfect destination for more Attractive and Sexy Lips.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is a leading cosmetic surgery facility that specializes in various procedures to enhance physical appearance. One of their popular treatments is lip enhancement, which aims to create fuller, plumper, and more symmetrical lips.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers a variety of options for lip enhancement, including dermal fillers and lip implants. Dermal fillers, such as hyaluronic acid-based products like Juvederm and Restylane, are injected into the lips to add volume and definition. These fillers are made of a naturally occurring substance in the body and are considered safe and effective. They typically last for six to twelve months before needing to be re-injected.

Lip implants, on the other hand, are a more permanent solution. They are small, soft, and flexible devices that are inserted into the lips to add volume and shape. Lip implants are made of materials that are safe and well-tolerated by the body. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia and only take about 30 minutes.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital also offers a variety of other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, nose jobs, eyelid surgery, and many more. They have a team of experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeons and nurses who are dedicated to providing the best care and outcomes for patients.

In summary,

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is the perfect destination for those looking to enhance their lips and achieve a more attractive and sexy look. They offer a range of safe and effective treatments, such as dermal fillers and lip implants, and are committed to providing patients with the best care and outcomes.