Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is the premier and most exclusive center dedicated to cosmetic surgery in Thhailand which is accredited by JCI. We believe every client is uniqe and deserves to be awarded a beautiful and natural appearanece following only the safest procedures. We provide the highest quality standards and most modern operative techniques. We employ only the most intensively trained and qualified medical staff. Aftercare is one of the utmost importance and we take pleasure in taking care of our clients until a completely successful result is attained.

          Our exceptional level of healthcare is maintained by the finest world class surgeons. Each surgeon is highly skilled, capable of artistically developing your body, sculping your dreams into a reality. Our healthcare services are not only limited to the changes we can make to your body, they are evident from our very first meeting, through any procedures and continue in recovery and post-operative care. Our pre-operative meetings are designed to give you all the information you require, explaining how we will deliver exceptional results, placing you into a sense of comfort and confidence in our ability.