Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

A "mommy makeover" is a term used to describe a combination of cosmetic surgical procedures aimed at restoring or enhancing a woman's body after childbirth or pregnancy-related changes.

While the specific procedures included in a mommy makeover can vary based on individual needs and goals, they typically target areas of the body that undergo significant changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Kamol Cosmetic Hospital provides mommy makeover with many procedures including:

  • Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to changes in breast size, shape, and position. Breast augmentation with implants or a breast lift (mastopexy) can restore volume, improve breast shape, and lift sagging breasts.

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty):

Pregnancy can stretch and weaken the abdominal muscles and skin, resulting in excess skin, stretch marks, and a protruding abdomen. A tummy tuck removes excess skin, tightens abdominal muscles, and improves the overall contour of the abdomen.

  • Liposuction:

Stubborn pockets of fat may accumulate in various areas of the body during pregnancy, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, or flanks. Liposuction can remove excess fat deposits and sculpt the body for a more proportionate appearance.

  • Body Contouring:

In addition to liposuction, other body contouring procedures such as thigh lift, arm lift (brachioplasty), or buttock augmentation may be included in a mommy makeover to address specific areas of concern.

  • Non-surgical Treatments:

Some mommy makeovers may include non-surgical treatments such as skin rejuvenation with laser therapy, chemical peels, or injectable fillers to improve skin texture, tone, and elasticity.

Kamol Hospital proud to make your body perfect. The goal of a mommy makeover is to help women regain confidence in their appearance and address physical changes that may occur as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. It's essential for individuals considering a mommy makeover to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss their goals, expectations, and candidacy for various procedures.

A thorough evaluation and personalized treatment plan can help achieve the desired results while prioritizing safety and minimizing risks. Additionally, women should ensure they have completed their family planning and have fully recovered from childbirth before undergoing elective cosmetic surgery.