Grand Openning Full Hair by DHT Clinic @ Kamol Hospital

Grand Openning Fullhair by DHT Clinic @ Kamol Hospital

                  Kamol Cosmetic Hospital joins forces with DHT Hair Clinic to launch “Full Hair BY DHT Clinic” reinforcing its leadership in hair transplantation.




          DHT Hair Clinic in collaboration with Kamol Cosmetic Hospital Organized the launch of “Full Hair BY DHT Clinic”, a comprehensive hair care clinic. that comes with modern technology and the expertise of Thailand's leading doctors Answers the needs of people who have problems with their hair. To please beauty lovers, both Thais and foreigners. Promoting innovation as a leader in hair transplantation that foreigners accept

          The launch event was held on March 23, 2024 at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. (Town in Town) with many famous people from various circles attending the event such as Mr. Top Charon Sorat, Ms. Siripen Pansritum, Ms. Chomwadee Phumhiran, Ms. Paul Pathomwanit, Ms. Zach Nut. Thawin Thongyoi, Mr. Supasin Intasong are ready to take the media to visit to join in the pride in Thai innovation. that has been accepted internationally



          According to research results of the global hair transplant market, it is estimated that in 2027 the market value will be more than 5,000 million US dollars, or approximately 150,000 million baht, with the Asian region It has the fastest growth rate of approximately 5.36% and in terms of market value in Thailand, it is no less than the world market. In 2024, it is expected that there will be a high market value of more than 2,000 million baht, which is considered a very high market value. As a result, DHT Hair Clinic saw an important market opportunity in this segment and therefore joined hands with Kamol Cosmetic Surgery Hospital to establish Full Hair BY DHT Clinic to support the expanding hair transplant market and to answer the problems of Thai people. hair side


          Full Hair BY DHT Clinic was founded by Dr. Damkerng Pathomwanit, a medical expert. In hair transplantation with more than 30 years of experience, founder of DHT Hair Clinic, the first hair transplant clinic in Thailand. In collaboration with Kamol Cosmetic Hospital that has been certified World-class quality standards from JCI, USA, by Dr. Kamol Pansritum, a plastic surgeon with experience in gender reassignment surgery. from male to female and from female to male and other plastic surgery operations for nearly 30 years, has a reputation and has been accepted around the world with determination and determination and is dedicated to providing the best permanent hair transplant experience to patients and personalized hair transplant techniques for each person, taking into account correct professional principles and the highest safety Ready to deliver a permanent hair transplant experience that creates satisfaction and answers every need.


          Dr. Damkerng Pathomwanit revealed that DHT Hair Clinic, the first hair transplant clinic in Thailand and Kamon Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, a leader in specialized, comprehensive cosmetic surgery, recognizes the hair problems of Thais and foreigners. Both problems include hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, and have given importance to hair transplantation for transgender people in the LGBTQA+ group. Therefore, we have joined forces to launch Full Hair BY DHT Clinic, Thailand's leading hair transplant clinic, to answer the problem. These various problems and from statistical data including what is currently being experienced from real cases, it is found that currently Thai people are experiencing the problem of thinning hair or baldness. Especially in Thai men, nearly 20 million people have hair loss problems due to environmental factors, pollution, including daily living, consuming unhealthy food, stress, congenital diseases, and genetics, resulting in various hair problems. Whether it be hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, etc.

         Dr. Phasur Piemphongsant A doctor specializing in hair transplantation, Full Hair BY DHT Clinic, revealed that “As for services, the clinic provides care for hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, and supports the treatment of all types of hair problems in a comprehensive manner, answering the needs of all genders and all ages. and permanent hair transplantation to improve facial shape Beauty for men, women, all ages, and LGBTQA+ people both domestically and abroad. To strengthen your own good personality.”

         Full Hair BY DHT Clinic is the leader in permanent hair transplantation in Thailand. that has been accepted around the world And word of mouth continues to spread with impressive results. Take care of the hair transplant with a team of hair expert doctors under the training of Dr. Damkerng Pathomwanit, along with medical equipment. and various modern technologies, including hair transplant techniques that are accepted around the world Make the patient confident that You will receive permanent hair transplant surgery that is of high quality, safety, and the best results.


          Dr. Pasur Piampongsant Added that Full Hair BY DHT Clinic gives importance to the principles of professional correctness. medical field, realizing that good results must begin with good treatment The treating doctor has expertise, is sincere and straightforward. Has the highest safety Can give accurate advice before and after hair transplant surgery. and follow up on symptoms after long-term hair transplant surgery Getting service Because if you do not receive care from a medical professional May cause damage and various side effects You can follow along.


Dr. Damkerng_Pathomwanit

           Dr. Damkerng concluded by saying that “For this collaboration, we will support each other. To grow together stable and sustainable Helps treat all hair problems for patients. So that everyone can have healthy, beautiful hair and build confidence again. Including raising the level of completely permanent hair transplantation.”