Vulva pigmentation

Vulva pigmentation/ bleaching

          Vulva pigmentation is the condition of darkening skin at labia majora and labia minora. Many labia pigmentation factors included Ageing, pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes linked to the menopause, and genetic predisposition. Whitening methods of the vulva consists of topical medication and pigmented specific laser therapy called vulva laser bleaching.


Procedure of vulva laser bleaching

          The laser treatment is painless can be done under topical anesthesia. The laser time is approximately 15 mins. The patient should do laser at least six times for maximum results. The laser treatment can be performed around 2-4 weeks apart for each session without any severe side effects depend on the skin condition.

          The QS-Nd Yag laser in Helios IIs technology is effective treatment laser therapy for vulva bleaching. Additional treatment sessions usually separate by four to six weeks. Subsequent treatments may need higher laser energy settings to remove residual pigments.


A good candidate for vulva laser bleaching

          All patients with darken labia without any skin conditions such as infection are good candidates for vulva laser bleaching


Post-treatment care for vulva laser bleaching

          The preferred post-treatment care of the laser site consists of daily application moisturizer to maintain skin moisture. Moisture promotes wound healing, and the application should continue until the site is fully healed. Sunscreen and sun-protecting clothing should use to minimize the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Strict sun protection should continue for at least several weeks after treatment.


Risk and complications

          Crusting and scabbing are normal and typically persist for one to two weeks. Other serious complications included

  • infection
  • skin hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation
  • scar

However, these conditions are sporadic.



          Its painless and comes with minimal post-procedural discomfort. Avoid wearing tight items of clothing immediately after application. Patients can go back to work or have sexual intercourse on the same day of the procedure.



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