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Non invasive vagina tightening

Non invasive vagina tightening
- dyspareunia
- Penetration of the vagina is very painful or impossible



          The approach is called progressive desensitization, and the idea is to get comfortable with insertion. Effective treatment approaches combine pelvic floor control exercises, insertion or dilation training, pain elimination techniques, transition steps, and exercises designed to help women identify, express and resolve any contributing emotional components.

          ThermiVa treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue so that women can reclaim, restore, and revive feminine wellness without discomfort or downtime.  The patented ThermiVa electrode is designed to treat the internal and external anatomical features of the vagina.  

- Women who have symptom of vagina laxity.
- Women who have dryness of vagina.
- Women who have stress incontinence.
- Women who want to improve sexual function .


How it works?
- Significant improvement in laxity.
- Improvement in cases of atrophic vaginitis ,stress urinary incontinence, orgasmic dysfunction.
- Ability to resume all activities the same day including intercourse.




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