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          Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that will reduce and/or reshape the labia minor. Women with hypertrophic labia can experience pain during intercourse or feel comfort during everyday activities and furthermore result to excessive sweating and contribute to unpleasant odors,resulting to decrease of sexual pleasure. This procedure focus on the size adjustment of labia minor or major and also focus on function issue.


A. Labia minora reduction
          Some women are born with large labia, others may develop this condition with childbirth or age. Surgical labial reduction can greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the abnormally enlarged labia.

B. Labia majora reduction
          Anatomical variation maybe worsen by childbirth or by weight gain or loss. Be improved by liposuction or surgical reduction.


Approach to volume and size adjustment.
Surgical technique  have 3 kinds, each technique depend on the individual case.

- Direct excision: is straightforward approach to volume reduction however the aesthetic is poor.
- Wedge resection: this technique is very good result and reduces the effect of nerve damage and preserving the natural labial contour.
- Z-plasty: used when there is excessive labial tissue at the perimeter junction where the labial inserts at the prepuce and perineum.

    Women who distribute their large labia or shape which may cause sexual dysfunction,pain or embarrassment.


Length of surgery and recovery
          one to two hours of operation and can be an outpatient procedure under local anaesthesia and if be under general anaesthesia women will be admitted only 1 night. After surgery may feel discomfort and swelling which disappear after 1 week and can return to work usually 3-4 day after surgery.



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