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Transgender Breast Surgery Male to Female

Transgender Breast Surgery Male to Female

          Individuals like undergoing the gender transition because they have the belief that such procedures will give them authentic and fulfilling lives. Have you been looking for a reliable hospital for transgender breast surgery male to female for a long time? If yes, your search ends with Kamol Hospital. Its specialist surgeons accomplish this objective with natural techniques to make you look natural.

          They play a major role in the procedure of the gender transition transgender, breast augmentation that is referred to as the augmentation mammoplasty. Also called cosmetic MTF breast surgery, it ensures the enhancement of the chest size of transgender individuals based on a breast implant.


Who can undergo breast surgery for transgender?

          You can count yourself as the best candidate for breast surgery for transgender only if your body is in the right shape. Plus, you also need to know about how to look good after the procedure. Some transgender individuals receive different types of therapy based on the natural part of the transition procedure.

          Before going ahead with the procedure, you must ensure the completion of hormonal therapy with the support from the licensed Healthcare professionals. Besides, you may also need to showcase that you have attended at least six months of professional counseling. In case you are continuing any medication that could cause adverse side effects, you must stop it. These will ensure that there are no chances of excessive bleeding during the procedure.


Deciding for a male to female breast surgery

          The decision to undergo this surgery can be the one that can change your life altogether. To keep you well informed about the procedure for the surgery and the changes you can expect after going through the surgery, expert surgeons will conduct a discussion session. Along with these details, they also shed light on the potential side effects of undergoing the surgery.

          At Kamol Hospital, expert surgeons conduct male to female breast surgery by adopting the latest techniques and procedures to ensure the best outcomes. They pay attention to precision as well as safety to provide individuals with a safe and desirable experience of undergoing the surgery.


What to expect from trans breast surgery

          The transgender breast surgery female to male comes with the enforcement of the anesthesia as well as the recovery period. The procedure is quite quick and comfortable. Patients can expect transgender breast surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis that means that no staying in the hospital throughout the night. Recovery time of trans breast surgery is usually a few weeks before the patient starts turning to regular activities.


Get in touch with Kamol Hospital for the best results with trans breast surgery

          Over the years, Kamol Hospital has helped thousands of people around the globe to find qualified and transparent providers who can give them high-end surgical procedures. The industry-leading professionals have good quality specializations in providing the male to female breast augmentation solutions. The ultimate goal of the surgeries is to give the reduced feeling of the gender dysphoria by making one feel more comfortable post the surgery.

          In this way, the professionals ensure giving the enhanced feeling of self-esteem as well as body confidence. Getting the overall outlook with the highest standard of care involved in every transgender breast surgery male to female is a result of the years of training and expertise. The team of specialist surgeons at Kamol Hospital can ensure the safety and success of the FTM breast surgery.

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K'Aom, a woman behinds Kamol Hospital.

Siripen Pansritum, the Iron Lady of Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

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Why Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, Thailand is a global gender change destination

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, one of the world’s best destinations for gender confirmation surgery.

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