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State of the Art for Hair Restoration Surgery
Dr. Paisit Bunsiripaiboon, Plastic Surgeon

         Why the hair transplantation is the state of the art that has to perform by plastic surgeons. Because Hair transplantation is an exceptional cosmetic surgery that undergone by the surgeon who has highly skilled, capable of artistically developing your face and sculpting your dreams into a reality.

The art of hair transplantation is a part of plastic surgery which developed more than 40 years ago.

          Dr. Paisit Bunsiripaiboon , a plastic surgeon who is interested in hair transplant since he was a plastic resident for 10 years ago. Because of hair transplant is a treatment to build confidence, to decrease depression, including be a part of facial modifying surgery that will be match with the gender identity. Hair transplantation is the art and science of continuous innovation.

          Dr. Paisit Bunsiripaiboon had got the well traning by Dr.John P.Cole who is a well-known hair surgeon especially in the field of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and an inventor of sharp motorized FUE punch instruments. He flew from Atlanta, U.S.A to Kamol Cosmetic Hospital on February 2016. This was a great opportunity to learn the FUE technique hair transplant closely with Dr.Cole. Dr.Paisit also had a chance to study about the Hair PRP with a global leader in products for autologous regenerative medicine based on freshly prepared PRP at Switzerland. The hair PRP will fulfill the hair transplant with the better result. 

          For the World Congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) which is the largest annual meeting of all hair restoration surgeons in the world, Dr.Paisit has attended the congress every year since 2016. WFI is an educationally and scientifically medical professional whose aim is to promote precision, artistry and competency in the field of hair restoration using FUE techniques. We believe that the hair restoration surgery is not only the growth of new hair grafts of a few types of hairline design for all of patients but also the unique of hair design to each patient that is suitable for all ages, gender, status of hair loss conditions, as well as mutual agreement between patient and surgeon to achieve the successful results.


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