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Kamol Hospital

Online Consultation

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital provides free online consultation for hair loss problem to those that cannot visit one office in Bangkok, Thailand. These online consultations are classified.

  • Complete the form beneath, and Dr.Paisit will analyze your information and send you’re a personal reply.
  • The online consultation can give us the preliminary information about your hair loss problem which is valuable to us before in-person consultation
Hair Loss Information

Are you now taking minoxidil (Rogaine)?

Are you now taking finasteride (Propecia)?

Photo Uploads
Guidance for Photos
  • 1. Send one separate photo for each of the five views (Front, Right Oblique, Left Oblique, Chin to Chest, and Rear).
  • 2. Include your whole head. The doctor would like to examine the complete pattern of your hair loss.
  • 3. Take photos with your dry hair.
  • 4. Click underneath to upload your photos.
Considerations for request
You can choose more than one option: