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Transgender Voice Surgery @ Kamol Hospital

Transgender Voice Surgery

Voice Feminization Training @ Kamol Cosmetic Hospital.

The voice in transwoman is very important to be pointed as the woman you are. Anywhere you go, in the shop, on the street, or on the phone as well. Our speech therapist,  Ms.Srinakorn Prohmtong and Ms.Sirirat Prayoonperaput can help you to practice and develop your voice to be your identity.


Ms. Srinakorn Prohmtong Ms. Sirirat Prayoonperaputcan
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Male to female voice therapy is one of voice therapy for feminization of the voice. Male to female voice training will make the voice, speech and communicative acting as the gender identity of patients. You will be learned how to develop a feminine sound from the basic of frequency and tone with effortless. Your posture, behavior and facial expression is important as well. The speech therapist help you to achieve control of you voice with crucial aspects such as breathing, resonance, intonation and the combination of these aspects with a natural. Not only feminine voice.

Male to female voice feminization surgery make a higher pitch, but  also need speech therapist to practice both before and after surgery in order to the best results. Only 10 minute a day can be good result.


Voice feminization speech therapy

            Speech is a way to communicate by using one’s voice to form words and sentences. Voice feminization speech therapy is a treatment to refine your voice to be feminine. The treatment has to be done before and after the voice feminization surgery to provide your effortless speech. Before voice feminization surgery is performed, your voice has to beassessed and tuned to let you have a proper speech. Then,after voice feminization surgery is performed, you would have to learn to feminize your voice and let you speak effortlessly. This is why there is a voice feminization speech therapy program as a part of a voice feminization surgery. This program is provided by a specialized, skillful speech therapist, including multiple sessions of practice until you complete all aspects of voice feminization therapy, under the guidance of our speech therapist. Practicing without a guidance of the specialist may result in edema of your vocal cord and can cause a failure in our training program.


Voice feminization training program @ Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

            Before having a voice feminization surgery, your voice and speech would be assessed by our speech therapist, preferably about 1 week prior to the surgery. Our speech therapist will help you tune your voice and let you speak with the least effort as a preparation session before the surgery.

            After the voice feminization surgery, you will be appointed with the speech therapist to assess your vocal cord function and help you speak in a healthy manner. This session would be held at the second and fourth week after the surgery. You will be given daily voice training as homework to yield the best result. Afterwards, monthly online follow-up meetings with our speech therapist can be arranged via Skype application. This way, you can get your voice analysis at home or wherever you are convenient. Each meeting should be around 1 hour.


Before and after Voice Feminization Surgery



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