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What is Bleaching?
          This darker area of skin can be the result of excess melanin on the top layer of the affected skin. Genetics, age, trauma, childbirth and hormonal changes can also cause this condition.
Dark color persisting in the genital area stems from the high concentration of melanin below the epidermis in that specific area. 


Surgical technique and length of procedure
          Initially, a local anaesthetic cream and local anestetic injections are administered to numb the treatment areas, which are then followed by a laser application to peel off the superficial layer of skin.

A similar process is used to treat unwanted darkness in the anal skin area known as Laser Anal Bleaching.
A Laser Vaginal Bleaching procedure typically takes about 45 minutes.


          The area is to be kept clean and dry for the first few days. During this time, topical creams are to be applied and oral prophylactic antibiotics should be taken. For the initial 4-5 days the skin will be both sensitive and painful. Sporting and sexual activities can be resumed after a period of 10 days.



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Before & After Bleaching