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Life Changing Transformation

Dr Kamol is my saviour. He has truly transformed my life for the better. I am so privileged to have been under his care for the final step into my transition. I am now 3 months post op and I am proud to say that my new genital is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. My biggest concern was retaining the sensation and I am happy to say that I am still able to climax. I know that this is one of the main concerns Transgender women consider when planning to undergo a Vaginoplasty. Good news ahead! It works and it feels liberating.

My time at Kamol both pre surgery and post surgery is one of the highlights of my life. I completed my transition into womanhood with them and they supported me 100% ensuring a smooth transition. I stayed with my whole family at Kamol's adjoining hotel above the hospital for over a month. The whole staff from the drivers, cleaners, nurses and registrations team were all so very professional, helpful and friendly. I can say that many of them today I am still in contact with and when I have any questions they still provide me with prompt answers. It is a friendship I still regard very highly. They don't just treat you like patients at Kamol, they treat you like family, making sure that you are both physically and mentally strong.

The international registrations team was so helpful and I can proudly say that the whole team and even some of the nurses can speak english so this is beneficial to many international clients who are hesitant to undergo any surgery in Thailand. Language barrier becomes a big factor but at Kamol be rest assured that you are in capable hands with many staff able to communicate in english and even some in Spanish and Portuguese. The international team is both informative and helpful in any way, shape or form. You are their main priority when at Kamol and they deliver 100% with their service, going beyond the ordinary. They treat you like their own- the level of care is just unbelievably amazing and I couldn't ask for more.

Dr Kamol was also helpful in ensuring everything went okay with routine check ups to see the healing process and functionality of the new sex organ. Til' today, they ask for updates and I know that they will forever connect with me to ensure everything is going well beyond the surgery.

I highly recommend any surgery with Dr Kamol Pansritum as he is such a genuinely nice Doctor; informative and helpful in every way. He is a leader in his profession. He has mastered many techniques in his career and is highly regarded amongst many Transwomen all over the world who have been under his care. He has transformed many lives including mine. I am proud to say that I was under Dr Kamol's care. I consider Kamol as my family who guided me to a new, complete me; one both liberating and satisfying. A life changing experience thanks to Dr Kamol and the whole Kamol Cosmetic Hospital family.


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