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33 Years Old, No Children, Yo-yo Dieter!

I've always had large breasts, but after years of yo-yo dieting they weren't feeling as great as they use to! I hated laying at the beach and seeing the little wrinkles were full breasts use to be!
Height: 5'7/171
Weight: 180-185
Starting size: 36D/DD
Current size: ?
Implant size: 375cc
Type: Cohesive gel
I had an O-lift (donut/beneli/circle) with an implant.
My doctor advised me not to go too large because what's already been weakened breast tissue can't support the weight as well and the sag and wrinkle will be back quickly if it's too heavy. I wanted a natural look so we chose a low profile 375cc cohesive gel. I had originally chosen the 350 but the delivery didn't come in the day of surgery leaving me with the option to go larger, smaller or wait a day. The 325cc when I tried it out was too narrow for the width of my breast. I already have a 36D/DD so didn't need to add much.
I was thankful the doctor had the same plan as me. At a prior consult a doctor told me I would need the anchor scar for a lift and I believed him and opted not to do it. He had never heard of an O lift. After many more months of research I saw the O-lift was quite popular with lots of people who had similar breasts to mine. Dr. Kamol suggested it immediately and said it would look great. So thankful I went for second and third opinions!
I've had a pretty smooth recovery. I've been walking lots and swimming with waterproof bandages over my steri strips. I am only kicking my legs with fins and not using my arms to swim at all. I like to sleep on a 45 degree angle anyway, so I've continued to sleep this way with my support bra on. My stitches looked great when they removed them and my skin has healed pretty quickly. Waiting for the strips to fall off and everything to be 100% healed so i can start with the scar treatment! I think they will be pretty minimal though!
Love the size, not too big for my frame!!


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