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Jaw Augmentation

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Jaw Augmentation:

          Despite the general differences in the size and shape of men's and women’s jaws, it is possible to reshape men’s jaw bones to achieve a more feminine appearance. Typically, men’s jaw bones are wider and larger, with thicker muscles and more visible salivary glands. In contrast, women usually have slimmer, smaller jaw bones with less visible salivary glands. To modify or reduce the size of masculine jaw bones, our highly skilled, specialized urgeons offer the following procedures for your consideration:


Jaw Augmentation, Jaw Implantation, Mandibular Augmentation:

          Jaw augmentation or mandibular augmentation is most commonly performed to correct an inferior jaw structure due to a congenital deficiency or facial trauma. Jaw augmentation involves the use of synthetics or biological implants to make the mandibular structure of the face more prominent or defined. It can give balance to an otherwise less defined face, or it can further augment an already existent jaw structure. For instance, we tend to think of a large prominent jaw as being masculine and characteristic of a man’s strength. Conversely, a less defined jaw line appears feminine and seems "weak". In addition, an individual's jaw imbalance can make other facial features seem distorted.



Figure 1: Positioning of jaw augmentation


Jaw Augmentation Procedure:

          Normally, internal incisions are made directly inside the mouth on either side of the lower lip. This convenient access allows doctors to create a pocket that will hold the implant, which helps avoid visible scars. For an improved contour and more defined jaw line, the patient’s implant is placed directly on the jawbone.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia for the duration of 1-2 hours.


Risks and complications:

          There might be a possibility of hematoma, seroma, numbness caused from nerve damage, hyperpigmentation, implant shifting (where a secondary operation may be required), asymmetry, gradual loss or breakdown of the bones, and capsular contracture.



          There might be limitations in chewing and possible discomfort with smiling and talking during the first few weeks following the surgery. Patients can return to work about one week after the surgery and must avoid strenuous activities about 6-8 weeks.

Jaw Augmentation / Jaw Implant Before & After

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