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Hairline Lowering Surgery

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High hairline is often an undesirable trait that causes stress and dissatisfaction. Oftentimes, a woman with high hairline may attempt to disguise her forehead with various hairstyles. One of the correcting techniques that we offer is a hairline lowering procedure. This can reduce the look of an over-sized forehead, restoring balance and good appearance to your face.


Figure 1: Positioning of the hairline lowering incision

Figure 2: Positioning of the hairline lowering scar


Hairline Lowering Procedure:

          Hairline lowering is an operation performed under general anesthesia to lower the hairline. An incision is made at the hairline and extends into the temporal area within the hair bearing region. Through this incision the scalp is advanced forward. The excess forehead skin is then removed, and the hairline is placed in a new lowered position. In most cases, the hairline can be lowered by about 1/2 to 1 inch in a single procedure. Stitches are removed in one week. Most patients are able to wash their hair the next day and go back to work in a few days after the operation. In some cases, a follow-up hair transplant is recommended to lower the hairline further and cover the hairline scar.



          The scar from hairline advancement is typically hidden by re-growth of hair. The scar can be seen in some cases. Infections are rare.


Hairline Lowering Surgery Before & After

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