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Forehead Contouring

Despite the differences in appearance between women's foreheads and men’s foreheads, it is possible to change men’s forehead features to give them the more feminine look. Typically, women have curved, rounded and well-contoured foreheads, arching brows with little or no brow bones protruding. By comparison, men’s foreheads are generally wider and higher with a receding hairline. In addition, men often have raised thicker brow bones located lower on the foreheads. For your consideration, our highly-skilled and specialized surgeons offer the following procedures:

- Forehead Contouring

- Brow Bossing Contouring

- Brow Reduction


Figure 1: Forehead Contouring


There are 3 categories for forehead contouring: 

          Procedure 1:   Forehead contouring is an implantation at the mid forehead area to improve the curve of forehead profile. There are options for implanted material: Injectable material, fat graft or permanent implants.  

          Procedure 2:   Forehead contouring is a bone shaving procedure at above the eye area. The bone can be reduced approximately 3-5 mm. The incision is on the scalp behind the hairline.  

          Procedure 3:  Forehead bone contouring is a bone compression at the outer table of frontal bone in front of frontal air sinus. The procedure is preserved for those who have prominent forehead bone and deep set eyes.    

Forehead Augmentation:

          We provide many kinds of material to make a perfect forehead appearance such as:


Bone cement

Silicone sheets

Gore- Tex (e-PTFE)

Figure 2: Material for Forehead Implantation

Figure 3: Positioning of Material for Forehead Implantation

Forehead augmentation:

          In order to modify a high and flat forehead into a contoured, gentle, and feminine looking forehead, the following procedures are available:

          1. Fat Injection, the surgeon draws fat from various parts of the patient’s body such as the stomach, thighs, under arms; to extract the fat cells for injection into the forehead area making it look more shapely and full. This procedure can be undertaken using local anesthesia. The weakness of this method is that a certain amount of the injected fat will be disintegrated within approximately 1 to 2 years. Therefore, this is neither popular nor having permanent effect.  However, the advantage of this minimally invasive procedure is that there are no scars incurred.

          2. Bone Cement, one of materials known as Polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA with qualities that do not irritate or endanger the body tissues. The surgeons prefer using bone cement because of its durability and strength, and the ease for its form to be adjusted.

          3. e-PTFE (Gore-Tex), one of materials which is a synthetic substance in the same group as Polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) that triggers minimal immune reaction from the body and can be placed inside the body.

          4. Silicone sheet, this material is not popular because it is inflexible and difficult to adjust the shape. For surgeries involving Bone Cement (2) or e-PTFE (3), the surgeon will make a headband – shaped incision on the top of the head and insert the desired material inside before closing the wound by stitching. These procedures create a sizable scar and may result in temporary numbness lasting up to 3 to 6 months after the surgery. The duration of the surgery is approximately 2 to 3 hours, and the recovery time is within 1 week.  


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