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Chin Augmentation / Chin Implant

Chin Enhancement / Chin Implant Surgery / Chin Augmentation

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          Chin is a part of the lower face. The proportion of chin and jawline is significant to make a face balanced and more attractive. Some people have the size of the chin too weak, need to have a good appearance. Chin enhancement is a surgical procedure to make the chin more prominent.  A professional surgeon will create a chin along with the jawline to be more balanced and harmonious. The surgeon has to concern the differences in the contour of men's and women's chins. It is possible to change the appearance of masculine chins and make them appear more feminine. Men's chins are often relatively wide, thick, and flat compared to those of women who tend to appear narrower, more pointed and curved. For your consideration, our highly skilled and specialized plastic surgeons offer the following procedures: 


Material for chin Implant

  • Silicone
  • Gore-Tex (e-PTFE)
  • Med pore
  • PMMA Customized implant


A Good Candidate for Chin Enhancement

You may be the right candidate if you want..

  • To Improve the facial harmony by chin enhancement
  • To correct a weak or recessed chin
  • To improve prominent of the neck and jawline
  • To reduce the appearance  of a full or double chin caused by a small chin bone


Preparation for Chin Implant Surgery / Chin forward sliding

          Proper preparation for Chin implant surgery or chin forward sliding will make a good result with less complication and recovery time. You should consult your surgeon about your achieved goal.

  • Physical examination or lab tests, chest X-ray, blood test, and EKG if you are over 40 years old to confirm you are healthy.
  • Stop smoking for at least two weeks before surgery  
  • Stop taking any anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, Ibuprofen Vitamins or herbs that interfere with blood clotting at least two weeks before surgery
  • Plan for your recovery. Chewing will be difficult for up to a week after surgery. You should have some soup, liquid food, and nutrition supplement prepared.


Chin Enhancement

          Chin enhancement creates a well-proportioned and balanced look for the face. There are many procedures for chin advancement, but the two most popular ones are:

  • Enhancement  with chin implant surgery
  • Enhancement  by chin forward sliding


Incision of Chin Enhancement:

  • Inside the mouth – a trendy procedure as the scar is hidden
  • Underneath the chinless popular because as the scar is visible

Incision Inside the Mouth

Picture 1: Incision Inside the Mouth

Incision Underneath the Chin

Picture 2: Incision Underneath the Chin


1. Procedure for Chin Implant Surgery 

          Chin implant is a popular procedure for patients who require little to medium degree of augmentation, with height not exceeding 0.5 millimeters (5 mm). Chin implant is a simple surgery, takes around 45 minutes with local anesthesia. The patient may leave immediately after the surgery. If the patient needs a large chin implant, prefer general anesthesia, have to fix screws to prevent the implant movement. The patient requires one night in the hospital.

Before and after Chin Implant surgery

Picture 1: Before and after Chin Implant surgery


2. Chin forward sliding

          This procedure is available for patients with an extremely short chin. The surgery extends the jaw forward, under general anesthesia. This procedure takes about 2 hours. The patient is required to stay one night in the hospital with a recovery period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Before and after by Chin forward sliding

Picture 2: Before and after by Chin forward sliding


Postoperative care

  • Liquid  food for the 24 hours after surgery, and then soft food will require for one week after surgery 
  • Keep the oral cavity clean by using mouthwash.
  • Elevate your head to decrease the swelling, the first week after surgery.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Compress the wound by facial compression garment 24 hours for the first a few days, then only sleep for one week after surgery to decrease swelling.
  • Do not over-exercise within one month after the surgery.
  • Control pain by taking the painkiller.
  • It usually is possible to go back to school or work one week after the surgery, and the wound heals within 4-8 weeks.


Rick and complication for Chin Implant Surgery/ Chin Forward Sliding

          Chin implant or chin forward sliding is a safe and straightforward procedure, mainly as highly qualified surgeons perform it. However, patients have to know of the following possible risks and complications as a good practice:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Nerve Injury 
  • Pain after surgery
  • Some bone loss
  • Asymmetry
  • Scarring if the incision scar underneath
  • Unsatisfied with the result.
  • The risk from general anesthesia


Recovery for Chin Implant Surgery/ Chin Forward Sliding

          The procedure itself takes one to two hours, and the patient will then spend one night in the hospital. It usually is possible to go back to school or work one to two weeks after the surgery, and the wound will completely heal within 1-2 months.  


Result Chin Implant Surgery/ Chin Forward Sliding

          Most patients are satisfied with the outcome. There are many types of chin enhancement procedures, though all of them involve operating on the lower jawline and chin area to improve the facial proportions. In any case, it is essential to consider other parts of the face to include the jaw, cheeks, and forehead to ensure a balanced look and harmony.

Chin Augmentation / Chin Implant Before & After

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