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Despite the differences in the contour of men's and women’s chins, it is possible to change the appearance of masculine chins and make them appear more feminine. Men’s chins are often relatively wide, thick, and flat compared to those of women which tend to appear narrower, more pointed and curved. For your consideration, our highly skilled and specialized plastic surgeons offer the following procedures:


Material for chin augmentation


Gore-Tex (e-PTFE)

Med pore

PMMA Customized implant

Figure 1: Material for Chin Augmentation


Chin Augmentation


Chin augmentation creates a well-proportioned and balanced look for the face. There are many procedures for chin augmentation, but the two most popular ones are:

1. Augmentation with chin implant
2. Augmentation by chin forward sliding


Figure 2: Chin Augmentation by Chin Forward Sliding


Figure 3: Chin Augmentation with Implant


1. Augmentation with chin implant:

          This is a popular procedure for patients who require little to medium degree of augmentation, with height not exceeding 0.5 millimeters (5 mm). This is considered a simple surgery. The procedure takes about 45 minutes with a local anesthesia. The patient may leave immediately after the surgery.


2. Augmentation by chin forward sliding:

          This procedure is used for patients with extremely short chin. The surgery extends the chin forward, under general anesthesia. This procedure takes about 2 hours. The patient is required to stay one night in the hospital with a recovery period of 2 to 3 weeks.


Incision of chin Augmentation:

- Inside the mouth – a very popular procedure as the scar is hidden
- Underneath the chin – less popular because as the scar is clearly visible

Picture 4: Incision Inside the Mouth

Picture 5: Incision Underneath the Chin

Chin Augmentation / Chin Implant Before & After

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