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What you can expect from Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

Individuals seeking FTM or MTF surgery should realize that the overall process could be a lengthy one. It might require a year or several years before achieving full transformation. Beyond top and bottom surgery, for those who are looking for a complete transformation, there are also procedures such as voice and facial feminization surgeries.  Because of the complexity involved, patients need to make sure they will find the facilities they use are safe, secure, and accommodating. Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is a state-of-the-art cosmetic and plastic surgery center. It specializes in Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS). Specifically, this includes male to female surgery (MTF surgery) and female to male surgery (FTM surgery). Continue reading to find out how Kamol Cosmetic Hospital stands out from other SRS clinics and hospitals around the world.



The Team
JCI Accreditation
Facilities and Accommodation


The Team

The head of the hospital is Dr. Kamol Pansritum, one of the top SRS surgeons in the world. The specialist team at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital includes six other plastic surgeons, three general surgeons, two oral and maxillofacial surgeons, a colorectal surgeon, and an otolaryngologist. Rounding out the staff are anesthesiologists, gynecologists, a cardiologist, psychiatrists, dermatologists, dentists, and speech therapists. Prospective patients interested in sex change surgery will find a comprehensive team of expert physicians and staff prepared for each stage of their treatment.


Not only does Kamol Cosmetic Hospital seek to retain its leadership as a center for SRS, but it also wants to work towards enlightening the public and the medical profession about advances and developments in gender confirmation surgery. Physicians and staff at the hospital are encouraged to carry out research and publish in major medical journals. Dr. Kamol, in fact, continues to engage in workshops and presentations at medical conferences across the globe. 


JCI Accreditation

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is certified and accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), which is the gold standard for global health care. Its mandate is to ensure a safe environment for patients and care givers. Hospitals receiving accreditation, such as Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, must meet measurable benchmarks for quality and patient safety. Accreditation and certification, moreover, is an ongoing process, where recipients must continuously sustain standards.


JCI itself is an outgrowth of the Joint Commission, the oldest United States based accrediting agency for setting standards in health care. With JCI, the goal is to establish a global standard that improves the delivery of services and guarantees reliability and trustworthiness among health care providers worldwide.


JCI teams work directly with hospitals, government ministries, health care organizations, universities, medical schools, businesses, and health systems so that patients are assured of quality performance. For patients from North America, this means that they can feel at ease and secure in that they are receiving the same quality of care and services as they would at home.  In fact, Kamol Cosmetic Hospital believes that it exceeds the standards of many, if not most, similar facilities in the United States and Canada. That is a qualitative advantage the hospital is determined to maintain.



Facilities and Accommodations

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital's facilities are designed for patient stays that range from the minimum to the substantial. Accordingly, accommodations are luxurious and elegant. The hospital is situated in the central business district and adjacent to eateries, open air public spaces, and shopping centers. All are within walking distance and easily accessed. During recovery, patients and their friends and family will have ample opportunity to explore a vibrant city that abounds with exotic experiences and memorable entertainment.


The hospital itself is of recent design, having been constructed in 2009. Patient comfort and the efficient and safe delivery of services was highlighted from the beginning. Patients not only have private rooms, but apartments are also available. The hospital is specially purposed to serve international patients. As such, it realizes that patient trust lies at the core of our services. The honest and ethical treatment of patients and their families is a mainstay of our vision and our mission to serve the public.


Equipment and operating facilities are also top of the line. Modular operating rooms complement German-made equipment that is designed for mobility and easy transfer, such as mobile x-ray machines, microscopes, and portable surgical workstations. Therapy rooms provide ease of access and comfort for patients in postoperative recovery treatment.




SRS can be quite expensive, especially if carried out in North America.  That is why gender confirmation surgery outside the United States or Canada is proving popular with many patients. Thailand is and has been a hub for medical treatment for several decades, now. And Kamol Cosmetic Hospital has become a global SRS destination of special renown. Compared to North America, it is cost-friendly.  Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, furthermore, is culturally friendly towards SRS patients. It is a place that individuals can feel secure about their choice of health care provider as well as find supportive physicians and staff. And they will enjoy a recovery period among a people and city eager to help individuals' transition to a more fulfilling quality of life.



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