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Many people are concern with their body shape and size. Our common goal is to look fit and firm or at least  not obese. Doctors and experts agreed that diet and exercise is an effective way to achieve our  ideal appearance but it is easier said than done. Some of my clients have tried exercise and diet control but they still have not reach their goal. Cosmetic procedure like liposuction may be an option for these clients, but what is liposuction?


Liposuction is a procedure that remove fat under your skin. In conventional liposuction, it starts with infiltrates the surgery area with tumescent solution (this is mostly saline with medication to reduce pain and bleeding) then suction it out with negative pressure cannulas. There are many machines in the market which added one more step before suction the fat such as using ultrasound or laser to liquify the fat cells before remove the fat.

Parts of the bodies that fat can be remove are waist, abdomen, arm, axillae, back, buttock, thigh, calf, under chin and calves. The procedure will have best result in person with good skin tone. The limitation of this procedure is surface irregularities which include cellulites and stretch marks.


When consult with your physician, don’t forget to let your physician know your expectation after the procedure. Your physician can give you an estimation the amount of fat that can be remove from your body parts and that will give you a more realistic goal from the procedure.  


The most important thing to know about the result of this procedure is that it is not a long term weight loss treatment. You still have to control your diet and exercise to maintain your result.


Candidate with underlying disease such as heart disease and diabetes should consult with your physician before undergo the procedure.


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