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Female to Male Voice Surgery

Female to Male Voice Surgery

in Bangkok, Thailand 


              This type of surgery is performed if the patient is not satisfied with his voice despite the use of the male hormone therapy that, unlike the female one, lower the fundamental frequency of the voice.

Before the surgery, an accurate videolaringostroboscopic and spectrum-acoustic study of the voice is performed to highlight its real fundamental frequency and to plan the best operation in line with the patient needs.

              In this case the surgical intervention consists of an increase in the mass of the vocal cards through an intra-cords injection of biocompatible material (from autologous fat to hydroxyl-apatite depending on the cases).To the increase vocal cords mass, follows a lowering of the voice fundamental frequency, as desired by patient. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and its duration is about 20- 30 minutes. The patient generally does not experience any pain after surgery and feeding has no limitations.

              After the surgery there is a mandatory period of silence of about two days. A new videolaringostroboscopic and spectrum-acoustic study is then performed to evaluate the new fundamental frequency and afterwards the patient can start talking again, always with the help of speech therapist.

              As usual, only one injection of biocompatibility material is sufficient, but the biological re-absorption of the injected material is individual and not predictable in each case. Regularly, the male voice duration long lasts some years, and in any case this operation is perfectly repeatable.

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