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Face is the most identity character of human and make confidently in public. As the advance of medical and surgical technology nowadays, people would approach their dreams easier. However, facial makeover or facial transformation could not be performed by any surgeons generally. Even though patient safety is very important, but the results of satisfaction and postoperative care are at the summit of all.


Upper Facial Surgery


Middle Facial Surgery


Lower Facial Surgery

The aesthetic concepts in each culture are variation due to how their faces and heads differ from the mean value of humanity. The perfect human faces might be the sum and average of all. For example, many Caucasians may desire for reduce their own nasal hump because of its too high but most east Asian people want more height and length of their noses. Asian people want to reduce the width of faces because it’s too wide, but most Caucasian need more volume of their cheek. 

At Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, we are full accredited by J.C.I. (Join Commission International) to offer the ultimate standard of medical care and highly skilled surgeons to make yours dreams come true and safety. We offer the surgical Procedures as follows:

Facial Skeleton and Soft tissue Surgery

1. Brow bone shaving
2. Forehead reconstruction
3. Hairline lowering
4. Hair transplantation
5. Forehead augmentation
6. Eye brows lift
7. Upper blepharoplasty
8. Lower blepharoplasty
9. Cheek bone Reduction
10. Cheek enhancement / Augmentation
11. Midface and perinasal augmentation

12. Face lift
13. Fat transfer
14. Bichectomy (Buccal fat removal)
15. Cheek dimple surgery
16. Rhinoplasty
17. Upper lip lift
18. Lips enhancement
19. Lips reduction and recontouring
20. Mandibular cortisectomy
21. Chin and jaw reduction
22. Total mandibular reduction


Orthognathic Surgery

1. The Le Fort I Osteotomy
2. Bi-maxillar osteotomy
3. Sagittal split osteotomy
4. Sliding genioplasty


The procedure are: 
Forehead Contouring, Forehead Shaving, Eyesbrow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Chin Shaving,
Chin Reduction, Bat ear, Cheeckbone Shaving, Zygoma Reduction, Cheeckbone Augmentation, Jaw Reduction


The procedure are: Forehead Augmentation, Chin Augmentation,
Jaw Reduction, Chin Implant, Facial Feminization Surgery, FFS


The procedure are:  Forehead Shaving, Forehead Contouring, Rhinoplasty, Forehead Augmentation,
Chin Reduction, Jaw Reduction, Zygoma Reduction, Cheeckbone Augmentation, Eyesbrow Lift, Face Lift

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