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          Everybody knows that, if you really want your body to look good, you should eat right and maintain a regular workout. This is true for reducing fat throughout your body but in some area of the body the fat is so stubborn that even vigorous exercises and a very strict diet still can’t make it goes away. Many individuals that have resistant fat may consider hi-definition liposuction as an answer to get the desire body shape. Today we are going to talk about the different between conventional liposuction and hi-definition liposuction?

          Conventional Liposuction removed unwanted fat in many areas like thighs, abdomen, back, arms, axillar, buttocks and any area that have enough fat to be removed, after the surgery you will have slimmer shape. In hi-definition liposuction the surgeon will create muscle lines for the underlying muscle which make your body look more masculine. In men, the procedure can provide abdomen with six packs and in woman, sexy line can be visible. Hi-definition liposuction will remove more fat than conventional liposuction. However, a good candidate is a person who has nearly close to ideal body weight with good skin elasticity. The result of the surgery will be greatly enhanced in patients that have been working out and have a fairly good muscular look.

          The Hi-definition procedure needs skill, experience and details in muscle of the body. Try to find a liposuction plastic surgeon with experienced in hi-definition liposuction. Communicate with the surgeon about your goal and expectation at the consultation, listen to the answers and see how you feel about it. It doesn’t hurt to have second opinion when in doubt.



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