Facial Surgery exprerience, by Monica

I just want to tell all of you guys about my experience. Life to me wasn't graceful... as probably like many of us. I had in the past some bad experiences related to the facial feminization surgery. I was totally disappointed about the results achieved after 2 surgeries, not one. Everything was totally black for me and I couldn't find a way to come over my sense of unhappiness. I remember one day a friend of mine was talking about going to Thailand for a surgery and she mentioned the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. Some light appeared in my eyes and I thought I would have to give a chance to myself again. I got in contact with the hospital, the staff was so nice and lovable that I've decided to buy a ticket and get my FFS done in the hands of Dr.Kamol. My procedures were: forehead contouring, orbital-eye bones shaving, forehead augmentation, jaw to chin reduction. After a few days of swelling, where you can't actually see anything, the results start to come up and I was super enthusiastic about the results of the surgery. I would choose Dr. Kamol for the rest of my life. Thanks again Dr. Kamol!!!