Alba Perez Rodrigues


A Second Chance

Just how much better things have become for those seeking gender confirmation surgery can be seen in the story of Alba Perez Rodrigues.  Alba is 48 years old and originally had her surgery twenty years ago in Spain. But unhappy complications began and continued afterwards. Only recently has she gained satisfaction and peace of mind through treatments at Kamol Hospital. 


Now, Alba says, “I got my happiness back!” All of which is an enormous change from the fears and insecurity she had felt for years. This now confident woman from Seville had been left in despair because of her earlier experiences. Her initial surgery had resulted in outward scars that created emotional wounds. And not only that, but the procedure itself had lacked the sophistication available today from the best hospitals. Mental anguish, upset, fear, and even depression followed. Because of what she encountered at Kamol Hospital, those feelings have evaporated. The way the doctors, nurses, and staff greeted her, and because of the inviting facilities and warmth of the people, Alba knew her emotional recovery would be as important as the physical surgery. And she could count on support and understanding from everyone around her. 


Patients seeking gender confirmation surgery do so with different goals in mind. Many pursue stardom and glamorous careers in the media. Others work to gain confidence and happiness in more traditional jobs. Still others find their surgery supplements their work in the arts and sciences. But all of them want to secure their self-identity and be fulfilled in their personal and emotional lives.


This balance in life, this revelation that things can work out and transgender women can create lives of accomplishment and achievement is evident from Alba's story. “I can say that I am reborn,” claims Alba. After 20 years, she believes that great things are ahead. She is now positive about the future and her place in it.