Face transfomation by Paint Tanawan

The only thing I can say is… ‘THANK YOU’. I was born as a male twin and growing up with my beloved sister. That made me realize there was something different in me. I wasn't feeling like a boy, but as my sister, as a girl. I am not comfortable with my body and my masculine appearance and the more time flied, the desire of becoming a woman was rising in me. When I was 23 years old, I decided to step forward into this path to become more feminine, to improve my facial appearance, that up until that time for me was an obstacle. I didn't like to show myself up in front of other people as a man, that's why I made a decision to undergo the Facial Feminization Surgery. The best option here in Thailand and especially in Bangkok is of course Dr. Kamol, from the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. Here I had Rhynoplasty, forehead augmentation, cheekbones reduction, chin sliding forward, jaw reduction and the upper lip lift. Here below are some pictures of me, done just lately, so you can see my before and after. Of course there's more balance in my face and I can definitely say that I am so happy in this new dresses and this new life as a GIRL!!!!