Facial modifying Nachad Vanessa

A former beauty queen to be an actress. 

          When Nachad was young, she always wanted to be a beauty queen. She is a mixed- race girl, her dad is German and her mum is Thai. She speaks Thai, German, and English. Thanks to European blood in her veins, the girl is tall and has very good proportion, her facial structure looks like Thai and has European-liked nose. In 2008, she participated in her first beauty contest Miss Teen Thailand and she made it to the final round. Then she got a chance to make the cut to the final round of Thai Supermodel 2011 as well. No matter how hard it was, she never gave up on it. Finally, she achieved her dream once crowned ”Miss Thailand Universe 2012” , however; the crown came with bad commentary on her face proportion.

          Nachad came to Kamol Cosmetic Hospital for facial surgeries. She underwent many procedures, such as forehead shaving, forehead augmentation with 4 mm.e-PTFE implant, eyebrow lift, cheekbone reduction, jaw reduction, chin reduction, etc. Her face looks perfect now;
more feminine and well proportioned. All of the surgeries she had increased her confidence. This made her feel very confident and ready for any events to come. Now, she is a leading famous actress, appearing in many soap-operas on Channel 8 Thailand and has a lot of fans. What a success!