She is a Japanese Transwoman. She had undergone SRS at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital since 2022 Shewould like to share experience of her dilation to mantence vagina. 

Neo-vagina, or a vagina created through surgery, typically requires vaginal cavity dilation in order to maintain its size and function. This is because the tissue used to create the neo-vagina may not have the same elasticity and ability to stretch as natural vaginal tissue. Therefore, dilation helps to ensure that the neo-vagina remains open and able to function properly.

Vaginal dilation involves the use of dilators, which are cylindrical or conical devices that are inserted into the vagina to gradually stretch and expand the tissue. This process is typically performed daily or several times a week for a period of several months after surgery. The length and frequency of dilation may vary depending on the individual and the specifics of their surgery.

Vaginal dilation is an important part of the recovery process following MTF surgery and helps to prevent complications such as scarring or narrowing of the neo-vagina. It is essential for individuals to follow their surgeon's instructions for dilation in order to achieve the best possible results and maintain the function of their neo-vagina.