Por Takarn

A Stunning Surprise.

          Not many people around the world tend to know much about Laos. For those that do, when they think about the country, they probably do not associate it with celebrity news about transgender women. That is what makes Por Takarn's story so remarkable. Laos itself is a remote, landlocked country in Southeast Asia. But it is also a beautiful place of mist covered mountains, ancient plains, jade green forests, and remarkable people. Por Takarn seems to embody that beauty. Whether arrayed in the latest clothing and swimsuit fashions or traditionally inspired attire, Por has made a name for herself already as a runway model. She has also grabbed the attention of magazine editors and appeared on numerous front covers.


          On the pageant front, Por has been especially active lately. In 2019, she competed in Miss Queen Laos as well as Miss Queen International. Her success comes because of her commitment to making it to the top. That includes representing transgender people and their aspirations through competition in pageants, of course. And it also includes a commitment to her ongoing studies. The 22 year-old is a student at the Lao-American College in Vientiane. Outside of her own lessons, she teaches English in secondary schools.


          From the time she was a young child, Por has always felt she was a woman. Today, she says, “I feel that I have become a woman completely.” It has all been done with the support of family and friends. Perhaps because of that, Por is optimistic about the future. She is optimistic for herself and for the acceptance in society of all transgender people.