My forehead now is amazing by Aylin

           I have always had a knack for photographs. Love to shoot them, but I also like to be shot. I won Miss Photogenic in 2016 in Israel and this gave me a spark to make my face look even better. After the contest, I've decided to go to Thailand, especially Bankok, to Dr. Kamol's hospital, to get my FFS done there. They were immediately trustful to me and I have done almost everything there, eventhough the thing that I really want to focus is the forehead compression. During the consultation, the doctor told me that in my case, a simple shaving/contouring of the forehead wouldn't be enough, as my forehead was pretty thick. He recommended me a compression to reduce the space between the sinus. I didn't know what to do because I was on a budget, but.. I've decided to undergo this surgery and IT certainly CHANGED MY LIFE. My forehead now is amazing and looks so round and in a good shape that it's almost unbelievable to remember how it was before and what I look like now. All the procedures I had, believe me they were so many, but the best choice in my case was the Forehead compression. I would do it and re-do it again and again. I Always have to thank all Kamol's team for this wonderful job.