Rock Khwanlada Rungrotampa


          Rock Khwanlada Rungrotampa, a 21-years-old Thai transgender who was crowned as  first runner-up for Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2017.


          She was one of the strong contestants to win not just because of her beauty and elegance but also with her talent. She became a main actress in a movie, which was widely famous in China.


          In her childhood, she liked playing dolls and having activities with her girl-friends. She did not like any sport activities that boys in her age usually did. Her parents were not against her sexual orientation but they indeed wanted her to be a boy. They started to accept her more, because during those time she proved herself and shown them her best in education and career, she went to join many beauty pageants and could pay her study. Now they know her abilities and totally accept who really she is.


          Rock had an opportunity to attend an event in China and she was invited to be an Ambassador of a cosmetic hospital there. She also had a main role in a movie called “.........”, which was showed on the cinema and also Chinese application.