Esmon Kanwara Keowjin


          She is now only 21 years old with fierce look. She participated in Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2017 but she couldn’t make her dream come true. Even that she fails, she never gave up.  She kept practicing and improving herself and finally she made it happen. That was the biggest success she achieved in her life. She is a good role model of people who never give up and keep improving themselves until they achieve what they really dream of.

          Now she is studying Bachelor’s Degree in faculty of Communication Arts, Suan Dusit University. She joined a worldwide transgender beauty pageant called Miss International Queen 2018 and she was crowned second runner-up. She revealed her secrets of how to prepare herself before the competition such as personality training, she needed to learn more English that is really important, how to answer questions. She also took female hormones to adjust her skin balance getting beautiful, fine and soft skin. Before facial wash, she used toner and normal saline solution to remove makeup then used normal saline to clean again and end up with some facial creams. She said that, she had taken good care of her skin since she was not biologically a woman and she took vitamin supplements to shine and bright from inside and out.