Rhinoplasty, Jaw to Chin Reduction by Amy Gianni

          Every time someone asks about my story, I smile. Smiling is the only thing we can do, especially in bad situations where we know we feel uncomfortable or where memories come across and we just start to remember what we’ve been through this entire life. When I was young, all I wanted was to be a princess, but I was born and made to wear pants and not beautiful dresses. What to do when you are a child and the life you are dreaming and the person you’re living in do not mirror your inner-self? That’s part of my long fairy tale. That’s how I like to describe my life, as a fairy tale as besides the sufferance, I still like to think that twinkles and fairies helped me achieve my dream. the dream of being a stunning beauty. One day I’ve met this famous doctor that helped me reshape my face and turned me into the woman I am today. I underwent chin reduction, jaw reduction and rhinoplasty in this magic place in Bangkok called Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. I couldn’t make it better that I did and thanks to all the people that stood by me during the period of my surgery and its recovery. I’ve never been so happier in my life.