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Facial Masculinization Surgery (FMS) in Bangkok, Thailand 


         Once you have decided to change your life and live as a man, one of the first things to consider is reconstructing your face. Male and female fundamentally have visibly different facial features, and from a natural woman to look like a man, a procedure of facial masculinization surgery (FMS) is required. As the differences can be subtle, make sure to choose expert, specialized surgeon to handle the operation to achieve the best results. Typically, female-to-male facial confirmation surgery is performed by plastic surgeons who have deeper understanding of both male and female facial structures. In some cases, the procedure also requires craniofacial (maxillofacial) and jaw adjustment to achieve the most successful result.

The difference between males and female face
The difference between males and female face

Picture 1. The difference between males and female face


          The specific procedures that need to be performed for FMS depend on the individual’s natural facial structure and desired aesthetic outcomes. 
Procedures for FMS are as follow:
1. Forehead lengthening and augmentation
2. Cheek bones contouring
3. Rhinoplasty (nose augmentation)
4. Chin contouring (genitoplasty or mentoplasty)
5. Jaw reshaping or jaw augmentation
6. Adam’s apple surgery (thyroid cartilage enhancement)
Masculinization Techniques
Picture 2. Masculinization Techniques


Forehead Lengthening & Augmentation

Forehead Lengthening & Augmentation
Picture 3. Forehead Lengthening and Augmentation


         Male’s skulls usually have brow bossing in the frontal sinuses, making the frontal skull larger. The procedures for masculine forehead are forehead augmentation surgery and/or forehead lengthening surgery are to enlarge the forehead to more masculine proportion, while the forehead lengthening increase the distance between the brows and the hairline.


Cheek bones  Contouring

Cheek bones  Contouring
Picture 3. Cheek bones contouring


         Male cheeks are often more angled and flatter than female. The surgical procedures for cheek bones masculinization are cheekbones shaving, cheekbones augmentation and cheekbones reduction. Depend on the existing features, they may give you more angular and masculine appearance.


Rhinoplasty (Nose Augmentation)

Rhinoplasty (Nose Augmentation)
Picture 4. Rhinoplasty (Nose Augmentation)


          Male nose tends to be longer and wider than female nose. The surgical procedure for masculinization the nose is nose augmentation or augmentation rhinoplasty. It increases the projection and the width of the nose to make it appear more masculine.


Chin contouring (Genitoplasty / Mentoplasty)

Chin contouring (Genitoplasty / Mentoplasty)
Picture 5. Chin contouring (Genitoplasty / Mentoplasty)


           Male chin tends to be bigger, longer, square and flatter. The surgical procedures for masculinizing chin are recommended to reshape the chin using an osteotomy.


Jaw Reshaping / Jaw Augmentation

Jaw Reshaping / Jaw Augmentation
Picture 6. Jaw Reshaping / Jaw Augmentation


          Male jaws have wider mandible and more prominent angle. The surgical procedures for masculinizing jaws are jaw augmentation and jaw contouring that define facial angles and masculinize the proportion and width of the face. Sometimes it is combined with chin augmentation by osteotomy to achieve aesthetic harmony of facial feature.


Adam’s apple Surgery (Thyroid Cartilage Enhancement)

Adam’s apple Surgery (Thyroid Cartilage Enhancement)

Picture 7. Adam’s apple surgery (Thyroid Cartilage Enhancement)


One of the most distinctive feature between male and female is Adam’s apple, which is located in the middle of the throat. The surgical procedure recommended is Adam’s apple enhancement with implant that can performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

Facial Masculinization Surgery ( FMS) Before & After

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