"Life Starts Anew"


          Coming from Brazil, Nicole had already heard of Kamol Hospital. She was familiar with the facilities and Dr. Kamol, because of the network of transgender women she is part of back home. Kamol Hospital is widely known in Brazil among transgender people. But not even all the good stories and recommendations prepared her for what she found upon her arrival in Bangkok. The ease of the journey and admittance to the hospital was a joy, and it was all made possible because of the personalized attention that she and other patients receive when they arrive in Thailand.


          Nicole is something of an expert in travel and going to new places, of course.  She has been a flight attendant for nine years and knows of the difficulties and rewards of travel. With Thailand, she found it was not only a reassuring place to get her gender confirmation surgery, but it also allowed her to explore and take on a bit of an adventure. As she says, “It is important for us [patients] not to be focused only on surgery.” So she incorporated journeys to temples and tours to historic sites—as well as shopping—into her 25 day stay at the hospital.


          When all was done, Nicole felt physically born anew. But more than that, she was psychologically refreshed and even better prepared to live her new life back in Brazil. Kamol Hospital was more than simply another medical facility. It was the doorway to a fresh existence and new experiences. And now, Nicole believes, she “is super positive” about the future.