How to prepare for phalloplasty donor site

How to prepare ALT donor site?

1.Check the quality of skin, make sure the skin pinch should be less than 1.5-1.8 cm. In case of over thickness, the patient can do liposuction then wait for 6 months to one year to make skin softer. We can create phalloplasty. If the patients need to do urethral prefabrication, they can do it a few months after liposuction .  If the patient does not need urethral with phalloplasty, after preparing donor site, they can do phalloplasty. After 1-2 years after phalloplasty, they can do implant.


2. Mark site at the non dominant Thigh 15x18 cm as shown in the video.   Hair Removal at this area, 

3.  Hair Removal at this area, 

4. Urethral Preflabriation