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Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

in Bangkok, Thailand

          Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a surgical procedure or multiple procedures to change masculine facial features into a more feminine appearance. That is an essential part of gender confirmation surgery. Once you decided to live as a woman, having an entirely feminine appearance and the facial feature is vital for the transition. Facial features of men and women are subtly different, but the difference is significant enough to consider having surgery. It takes a surgeon's expertise, specialization, and artistic eye to transform a masculine face to a more feminine one.


The Aim of Facial Feminization Surgery

Dr. Kamol’s principle of Facial Feminization Surgery  (FFS) is based on aesthetic fundamental as follows

  1. The balance of facial proportions is related to the ratio of the upper, middle, and lower face, and divided into five parts from left to right
  2. The balance of facial components is related to eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, and lips
  3. Facial frame, including hairline, side cheeks, jaws, and chin, looks more feminine
  4. The balance of facial bone and soft tissues will consider
  5. Facial rejuvenation


There are Eight Distinctive Features of a Feminine Face

          Every face is unique. There are many techniques and factors that the surgeons will consider in the surgery to achieve the best result for each patient. The main point should consider as follows;

  • The upper part, the main point is forehead and eyebrows
  • The middle part, we concern nose, eyes,  and cheekbones (Zygoma)
  • The lower part, we consider lips, Chin, Jaws, and  tracheal

1. Forehead Feminization

         The forehead is the primary area that takes up most of the upper face.  There are three main differences between male and female foreheads.

  • Masculine forehead features are broader and higher than female foreheads
  • Male has a bony ridge across the forehead above the eyes, and female has a more smooth forehead
  • The male forehead is more slope backward, whereas the female is more vertical and round


Surgical procedures will be recommended for a feminine forehead feature as follows;

  1. Forehead shaving, Brow Bossing Surgery. (see more)
  2. Forehead Augmentation. (see more)
  3. Forehead reduction, scalp advancement, hairline lowering. (see more)
  4. Hair transplant with feminine hairline design.  (see more)


Kamol hospital surgeon teams offer three techniques for forehead contouring, as follows;

1. Forehead bone shaving (see more)

2. Forehead bone shaving with augmentation (see more)

3. Anterior walls of frontal sinus osteotomy and set back (see more)

Picture 1 shows the procedures of feminine forehead contouring.


We also offer four materials for forehead augmentation, as follows;

  1. ePTFE sheets
  2. Fat transfer
  3. Silicone implants
  4. Customized material PMMA

2. Eyebrows Feminization

          There are two significant differences between male and female eyebrows.

  • Male eyebrows are thicker, and a straighter whereas female eyebrows are thinner and often arched
  • Male eyebrows locate lower and closer to the orbital eye rim, while female eyebrows are higher

The surgical procedures recommended for feminine eyebrows is a Brow lift, Eyebrows lift, Forehead lift.  (see more)


3. Nose Feminization

Significant differences between male and female's noses are:

  • The male nose is broader and more extended, whereas the female nose is narrower and shorter.
  • Male has arched or straight nose bridges whereas female nose is more curved

Kamol Hospital offers three surgical procedures for feminine rhinoplasty as follow.

1.) Reduction Rhinoplasty. The procedure is usually recommended for Caucasian patients to reduce hump, side bones, nasal tip, and the alarplasty. (see more)

2.) Augmentation Rhinoplasty. The procedure, involved nasal ridge and tip augmentation, is usually recommended for Asians. The materials for a nasal augmentation include silicone implant, ePTFE, ear cartilage, and rib cartilage. (see more)

3.) Combined technique of Rhinoplasty. Non-Caucasian patients might need nasal ridge reduction and nasal tip augmentation to achieve more desirable results. (see more)


4. Cheekbones Feminization

          Cheekbones are prominent feature in of the face. In female, the cheekbones are more curved, making the face look fuller and radian, while the male cheekbones are lower, flatter and more rectangular.

Kamol hospital offers three surgical procedures for cheekbones feminization

1.) Cheek augmentation (see more)
2.) Cheekbones shaving (see more)
3.) Chee bones reduction, Zygoma reduction (see more)


5. Eyes Feminization

          While the eyes are known as “window to the soul”, they can also determine the masculine or famine look for the person. Male eyes are deeper set and narrower while the female eyes are wider.

  • Male eyes look more deep set than female
  • Male eye look more closed or narrow while female look bigger and brighter.


Kamol hospital offers a surgical procedure for eyes feminization is

Cat eye (almond eye) surgery

          The cat eye operation widens the eyes by opening up the eyelids and lift their outer edge upward. The eyebrows may also be raised to create more distance between the eyes and the eyebrows. 

          The cat eye operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours. Levator palpebral muscle will be shorten, the outer canthus will be moved upward, and excess eyelid skin will be removed. The stitches will be removed after surgery five days. The patients can open their eyes normally after surgery with light activity within a week after surgery.  (see more)


6. Lips Feminization

          Lips are an epitome of feminine beauty. Naturally male lips are thinner and more straight while the female lips are more curved, plumper and fuller.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers three surgical operations for feminine lips

1.) Feminine Lip Lift (see more)
2.) Lip enhancement (see more)
3.) Lip reduction and contouring  (see more)


7. Adam’s Apple reduction (Tracheal shaving)

          Adam’s apple is a uniquely male feature. To achieve a totally feminine appearance, an Adam’s apple needs to be removed.

Kamol hospital offer two techniques for Adam’s apple shaving

1. Open technique or Supra thyroid incision technique (see more)
2. Endoscopic technique or Intra Oral incision (Scar less technique) (see more)


8. Chin and Jaws Feminization

          Chin and jaw are the main component of the face’s lower part. Males have wider and more protruding chins, while women have more curved and gently pointed chins. As for jaws, males have winder jaw with more muscle and bigger saliva glands, while females have narrower jaws and invisible saliva gland.
  • Male chin has wide and more protruding chins, while female chin have gently pointed and curved chin with less protruding features
  • Male jaws have wide and large jaws with more prominent muscles and saliva glands, while female jaws have narrow jaws with invisible saliva gland.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers seven options for chin and jaw feminization.


Preparation for Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

  • Consult with the plastic surgeon who has highly skilled and experienced for face surgery. You will discuss your surgical goals, medical condition, and treatments
  • Physical examination, blood test, chest X-ray, electrolytes, HIV
  • CT scan will be required
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol for at least one week
  • Stop some medicines, vitamin, or herbs that interfere with blood clotting, such as aspirin


Postoperative Care

          Postoperative care varies for each procedure, but the basics are as follow:

  • Eating liquid or soft food
  • Always keep the mouth clean with mouth wash.
  • Avoid aggressive activities for a month after surgery
  • Avoid smoking
  • Don’t over exercise within one month.
  • Take a painkiller to reduce pain
  • Patients can resume normal activities two weeks after surgery. Wounds should be completely health within 4-8 weeks.
  • Keep any follow-up appointments with your surgeon to check the healing process and ask any questions that may concern you


Risks and Complication

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Edema
  • Hematoma
  • Bruising
  • Nerve damage
  • Asymmetry
  • Implant failure 
  • Pain after surgery
  • Poor healing
  • Necrosis
  • Scarring



          Facial feminization Surgery (FFS) is an important part of gender confirmation surgery that improves the quality of life of male to female transgender.

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