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Adam's Apple Shaving

Tracheal Shave / Adam’s apple shaving

in Bangkok, Thailand


           The Adam’s apple is the forward protrusion of cartilage on the front of the neck. It is clearly visible in most men. The surgery to remove this is known as tracheal shaving or Adam's apple shaving. It is a standard procedure for facial feminization surgery. It is one of the simple methods for facial feminization surgery and can have a drastic effect on a person's perceived gender as prominent Adam’s apples are a uniquely male feature. It can be performed under local anesthetic as an outpatient. After the age of 30 calcium transforms it into hard bone, making it slightly more difficult to remove.

แสดงตำแหน่งกระเดือก และ แผลผ่าตัด

Picture 1. Show Adam’s apple position and the incision

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers 2 techniques for Tracheal shave as follows:

  • The open technique: The incision is a horizontal line between neck and chin in order to hide the scar. The surgeon makes an incision to the Adam's apple cartilage (Laryngeal Prominent) and reduces the height of the cartilage to be as flat as possible. Stitches are then made inside with absorbable stitches and on the outside by using a sterile strip. The operation time is around 1 hour.


  • Endoscopic technique. This technique has the advantage that it is scarless. The surgeon accesses the Adam's Apple through the mouth with an endoscope and reduces the Adam’s apple cartilage (Laryngeal Prominent) as much as possible to have a female profile. The operation lasts around 1 hour.

A Good Candidate for Tracheal shave

  • Trans women who have visible Adam's apple (Laryngeal Prominence)
  • Physically Healthy.
  • Realistic expectations.


Preparation for Tracheal shave

  1. Consult with the surgeon who specialises in this operation.
  2. Stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery.
  3. Stop medication that interferes with coagulation such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, some vitamins or herbs.


Procedure for Trachea shave

  1. It can be undergone by local or sedate or anesthesia
  2. Operation by open technique, the surgeon makes a horizontal incision parallel to the upper neckline at the highest possible point, open the wound pass through Adam's apple cartilage and reduce it as much as possible to be flat. Then sutures.
  3. Endoscope technique, the surgeon will pass the endoscope through the mouth and reduce the cartilage, then stitches.


Post-operative care for Tracheal Shave

  • Stop smoking & alcohol for one week after surgery.
  • Avoid salty food to decrease swelling.
  • Keep the wound clean.
  • Avoid talking after surgery for a few days.
  • Control pain with medication & cold compression
  • Keep the head elevated for at least 1-2 weeks after surgery to minimize  post-op swelling and protect the healing incision.
  • Follow all post-operative instructions and appointments.


Risk and complication for Tracheal shave

Although exceptionally rare risks associated with this procedure include:

  • Swelling.
  • Bruising or hematoma.
  • Scarring.
  • Neck pain.
  • Wound Redness (disappears after a few weeks)
  • Voice will change temporarily after surgery.


Adam's Apple Shaving Before & After

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