Amazing experience at Kamol Hospital

 I have so much to tell about my experience. Last month, I had a sex reassignment surgery (non penile inversion with a scrotal skin graft) with doctor Kamol. Since I have arrived in Thailand I have been well received and impressed so many times by the staff and community. I have never experienced such excellent care ever in any other hospital until now. My surgery underwent very well and I had no major complications. Any swallowing or bruising have subsided quickly. After about two weeks from my surgery, I had a small tear on the dissolvable sutures between my labia that was easily corrected with the replacement of the stitches through a small procedure with local anesthesia. I did not have to pay anything for this procedure since it was covered as post-operative care. After two weeks, I had absolutely no bleeding whatsoever and no complications. Until my last day in Thailand, I was taken care by the nurses two times a day for cleaning, wound dressing and dilation. I had periodical follow-up visits with Dr. kamol as well. I used to always have several doubts about my surgery and have them all answered by the nurses or the doctor himself. Even though Dr. Kamol has an outstanding popularity within my home country (both from his patients and some physicians that have heard of or know his work), I have to admit that I was really anxious and nervous in general before my surgery like everyone probably would be. Besides having my expectations excelled and being very satisfied with my decision, I am also writing this review because I feel that there’s not enough available information on the internet about Kamol Hospital and I think this institution deserves more emphasis online for such great service they provide. Dr Kamol himself is a person of few words, but his work is fantastic. I am very thankful for having such support from the staff and for the nice friendship I have created with the other patients. Special thanks to Pichet for answering all my doubts and arranging my things via email. Marie for helping me out and being so friendly and full of joy. Alejandro for being so funny and an awesome person, helping me with all my difficulties and helping my mother who accompanied me to Thailand. Muk for being an excellent nurse, and Bruno and the others from the service apartment staff for being such awesome people full or respect and joy. It is really a lot of people. Thanks to all the nice patients and staff for being marvelous. Kop khun mak ka!