Face lift, Breast lift reviews

Via our independent research, Kamol Hospital ranked one of the best cosmetic hospitals in South East Asia. As independent patients (no agent or package), my husband and I communicated directly with the hospital itself from New Zealand. Surgical costings and associated prices were outlined as total costs, without requiring a commission to be paid to a third person / agent - hence no confusion. We have have three different procedures over three years. 

On independently arriving in Bangkok we have a review at Kamol Hospital the following day. This review is extensive and very thorough: starting with an examination by the attending surgeon: Dr Kamol for my facelift, breast-lift and our eyelids. And Dr Parin for our liposuction or body sculpture. Within this review it was clearly stated the expected outcome from the surgery - we are both in our 50s!!! Being realistic is essential for patients. This was followed by blood tests, chest X-rays and an ECG. 

The Kamol hospital policy appears to err on the side of caution when determining physiological fitness for surgery. For example, my husband has a very low heart rate, as indicated by the routine ECG. This, as the result of being an ex athlete. This prompted a full review by a Cardiologist which included an ECHO and stress test.

Assessed as fit for surgery we were informed of the next steps by the English speaking front desk staff. 

Once admitted to he ward we were safely and professionally under he watchful eye of Kamol Hospitals very good nursing team. Exceptionally competent Registered Nurses placed IV lines with excellent aseptic technique and all other complex nursing tasks were handled with ease. Nursing assistants helped with comfort cares and all number of requests from us. 

Post surgery the cleanliness and professional conduct of the nurses was outstanding. Pain relief, dressing changes, mobilisation and all other Activities of Daily Living were adhered to diligently and with compassion.

The day after our surgery, we were reviewed by Dr Kamol and Dr Parin respectfully. They imparted very clear communication to both of us. Reassuring us and explaining what to expect as our healing progressed.

Myself, as a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Health Management, I cannot not stress enough how aseptic all nursing techniques were during our time on the ward. Faultless. Staff were immediate in their response to calls from us (nothing like an ex nurse as a patient!!), even when anxious and scared - nothing seemed too much.

The cleaning team and kitchen team. Faultless. 

The outcome of the surgeries is and was amazing. Although still sore and swollen, my breast lift from Dr Kamol is equal, feels tight and is not very painful. Best of all I like what I see!!! We can both see where Dr Parin has sculptured our bodies. 

Once discharged from the ward we stayed in the apartments within the hospital - at very reasonable cost. As patients from a different country, this is a fantastic feature of Kamol Hospital. We have the support of the medical team if concerned. With daily dressing changes required, this has been most beneficial. 

10/10 for me. Again, I am an RN and MHSc who owned and ran my own aged care facility. I find no fault with Kamol Hospital. Even down to discharge papers and pharmacy - all is very clearly spelled out with no room for unrealistic expectations.

My heartfelt thanks to all those involved in our surgery. You make an amazing team.


reference: https://www.realself.com/review/breast-lift-clinical-review-registered-nurse-patient