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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty involves the artistic refinement of the nasal framework to achieve a size and shape that harmonizes with the natural contours of the forehead. Comparable to a work of art, the plastic surgeon creatively envisions modifications tailored to each individual, as the fundamental structure of the nose varies from person to person. Various surgical techniques are employed, and in some cases, a combination of techniques is required for successful outcomes. The success of revision rhinoplasty relies on maintaining a balanced and proportionate appearance, ensuring that the skin and nasal tip tissues are not overly thick.

Given the intricacies involved, selecting a highly experienced and skilled surgeon is crucial for reshaping the bone structure of the nose. Procedures such as cutting, fracturing, or augmenting the nasal bones are interconnected with other facial bone structures, such as the maxillary sinus and cheekbones


Image 1: Before and after surgery to reduce the height and width of the nose.


Image 2: Before and after corrective surgery to refine the nasal structure by reducing width and narrowing the nasal bridge.


Image 3: Before and after adjustment of the nasal structure with focus on length, size, and excessive projection at the nasal tip.


Image 4: Before and after surgery to refine the nasal tip, reducing width, size, and lowering the tip.


Image 5: Before and after lateral osteotomy to narrow the side nasal bone structure.


Image 6: Before and after corrective surgery for droopy or ptotic nose (Droopy Nose, Nasal tip ptosis).


Image 7: Before and after corrective surgery for deviated septum and crooked nose structure (Septoplasty/Crooked nose correction).


Image 8: Before and after augmentation of the nasal base, addressing deep nasal grooves (Peri-nasal Augmentation).

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Preparation for Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery:

  1. Consult with a physician to discuss the desired changes, select nasal augmentation materials, and choose the appropriate technique. Additionally, undergo a health assessment.
  2. Discontinue medications that affect blood clotting, such as Aspirin, at least 5 days before the surgery.
  3. Refrain from taking certain vitamins or herbal supplements regularly, such as Vitamin E, as they may contribute to difficulties in blood clotting.
  4. Stop smoking for a minimum of 7 days.

Postoperative Care After Nose Correction / Rhinoplasty:

  1. Keep the head elevated for the first 2 days to reduce swelling.
  2. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and refrain from eating salty, spicy, and pickled foods for approximately 1 week.
  3. Gently wash the face with mild soap 24 hours after the surgery.
  4. Clean the surgical incision area on the right side of the nose by dipping a cotton swab in boiled water 24 hours after surgery.
  5. Remove the plaster 3 days after the surgery.
  6. Rhinoplasty does not need to be removed as they dissolve on their own. However, if alarplasty surgery is performed, the doctor will schedule suture removal 5 days after the surgery.

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