Why upgrade to PPV?, penile peritoneum vaginoplasty

Upgrade to PPV

        There are several reasons why a patient may choose to have a revision or "upgrade" surgery for their neovagina:

  1. Narrowing of the neovagina: The neovagina done with older techniques such as skin graft and penile inversion may become narrower over time, which can make sexual intercourse difficult or impossible. Revision surgery can be performed to widen the neovagina and improve sexual function.

  2. Sexual function: Some individuals may have issues with sexual function related to the neovagina and may choose to have revision surgery to improve sexual function.

  3. No need for lifetime dilation.

  4. The vagina with newest techniques is wet, elastic and self lubricated.

  5. The vagina feels more natural with the latest techniques..

        SRS techniques have advanced a long way in recent years and many people are choosing to upgrade their older penile inversion and skin graft surgeries to newer techniques such as PPV which provide a more natural realistic vagina which is wet, elastic and self lubricates.

        "Upgrading to a PPV (Peritoneum-based Vaginal Reconstruction) surgery can provide numerous benefits for individuals who have undergone previous neovagina surgery. These benefits include a wider and more functional neovagina, improved sexual function, and the ability to eliminate the need for lifetime dilation. The newer techniques used in PPV surgeries have advanced greatly in recent years and offer a more natural, realistic, and self-lubricating vagina. However, it should be noted that upgrading to a PPV surgery is still a major procedure and recovery can take several weeks, similar to an initial vaginoplasty surgery."