Aesthetic Neo-Vagina Appearance revision

Aesthetic Neo-Vagina Appearance revision.     

At Kamol Hospital, we understand the importance of a natural-looking beautiful vagina. Some women are not happy with the appearance of their vaginas following their SRS.

Kamol Hospital is widely regarded as the world leader in revision vaginoplasty surgery. Our revision surgery focuses on addressing any issues with previous neo vagina surgeries. We aim to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing result by considering the following factors:

1. Incision scars - We aim to hide scars inside the inner and outer labia.

2. Mons pubis - We strive to create a high mons pubis and fill it with fat and tissue to match a cis woman's structure.

3. Inner labia - Our creation offers inner labia made from skin that covers the urethra.

4. Urethral position - We ensure the urethral is located between the clitoris and vaginal entrance, removing any sponge tissue to prevent discomfort during intercourse.

5. Proportion - We strive to balance the proportion of the clitoris, urethral, and vaginal entrance.

6. Clitoral hood - We create tissue to cover the clitoris for both aesthetic appearance and reduced sensation.

7. Vaginal entrance – The vaginal canal isn’t wide open as with other surgeons. The vagina entrance is biologically correct.

If necessary, we may use skin flaps from other areas such as the groin or buttock to support the revision surgery. Our goal is to provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing result for all patients.